OX: “A Vision Of Love” truly resonates!

Osmel “Ox” Fabre, is a songwriter and musician, singer and photographer who started writing songs at 14. A formally trained guitarist Ox was part of the band “I Maghi di Ox” for 9 years before moving on to create his own solo projects playing around Rome and London too. After releasing various self-produced albums and singles, where Ox did all the playing and singing, in 2014 he signed to Elfa Promotions to handle the marketing and promotional side of his craft. In 2015 after winning awards and receiving critical acclaim he released the EP, “The Journey”, which featured various studio musicians. At about the same time Ox had already begun working on his latest album “Naked”, which was eventually released during September 2017. “A Vision Of Love” is the new video and single taken from the aforementioned album.

“A Vision Of Love” sounds great; the tightness and the fidelity is how any pop-rock artist out there would want their music to sound like. Osmel Ox Fabre and Giuseppe Di Bono did a great job producing it and all of the other musicians that played on the record did an awesome job making it. Ox’s voice was made for alternative music.

There’s a lot of power in it, and his voice can also express a lot of emotion. “A Vision Of Love” paddles into the pop world while representing all things rock. Ox is creating crossover rock that’s easy on the ears, and also made to move copies but it actually rocks in its sound and attitude, with sparkling electric guitars crunching out compelling melodies, one can’t help liking it.

This kind of arena rock with stadium-ready choruses is exactly what the doctor ordered. Ox drops some catchy vocal lines yet. But the highlight of the track is something far greater than the melody, the choruses, and even the catchy songwriting. It’s the voice. Ox’s voice that truly shines here, as it does across the entire album.

Closely followed by the songwriting and the music performance and production. One of Ox’s strongest assets is his ability to deliver emotionally charged songs that truly resonate. Lyrically Ox’s songs cover an array of afflictions of the heart from falling in love, staying in love, and of course, that bitter sting of lost love.

There’s no questioning what feelings are being relayed from song to song, and “A Vision Of Love” is notably powerful is this context. That said, Ox has definitely laid out the blueprint for crafting addictive modern day melodic rock and may even have hit on his hands with this track.

Not only does “A Vision Of Love” sound energized, but it has a lot of solid hooks which should do well in a concert setting. The production have also carved out an excellent supporting video for the song, which puts Osmel “Ox” Fabre in the spotlight. Exactly where he deserves to be!


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