Frankie Be Good: “UR The Only One” – inspired by light and love

You should be ready to dive into a pleasantly warm atmosphere when Frankie Be Good and his background singers, harmonize together and create a smooth soulful choir. While you will be smitten by the beat alone, there is indeed a whole galaxy of words to dive into, and the way Frankie’s voice plays, constructs, de-constructs and re-constructs the lyrics is pure art. There is such a deep, intricate relation between the beat and the way the artist wraps his voice around and through it. Thus, “UR The Only One” will get you in the groove with uplifting lyrics wrapped in an extremely danceable mid-tempo reggae beat that will certainly shake airwaves and dances alike.

With romantic narrative, Frankie Be Good manages to weave widely varying threads together, creating a fabric of message and sound everybody can relate to. Open your heart and ears to the story this artist has to tell.

Both modern effects and traditional riddim elements create a soundscape that will appeal to a wide range of listeners around the world. “UR The Only One” brings us new music from a dedicated, hard-working artist who sticks to his Jamaican roots while breaking new grounds.

This new track seems to be inspired by light and love, as it shines with a very unique sentiment and mood that results in it taking us on an emotional journey. “UR The Only One” is one of these rare releases that take your breath away from the first time you press play and then grows with every new round of listening.

The instrumental delivery is fantastic, the mixing and mastering is clean and powerful, and Frankie Be Good himself hits every note with his rhythmic flow and rhyme scheme.

The track is a fine testimony of contemporary Reggae, clad in the beauty of a Jamaican old-school riddim. Music is a very powerful and mystical force. It speaks to people on a much deeper level than conversation.

And with his new single, the Fort Lauderdale based artist hits us with music that indeed does reach the soul with an intriguing melody, uplifting lyrics and outstanding musicianship included. The track breathes down-to-earth authenticity, at the same time making for an airy, buoyant listening experience.

Frankie Be Good aka Frankie Bee has been featured in the Jamaican Star, The Jamaica Observer and was nominated for the ‘Best Lover Rock Singer’ by The Lady Flava Show. Frankie is currently busy showcasing his talent and promoting his songs via Social Media and around the Fort Lauderdale areas. “UR The Only One” is a song taken from his second EP release, entitled “Life, Love and Experience”, and is getting airplay worldwide.


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