Silent Killa: “Lovecraft” – a new blend of electronic music

The EP “Ordinary Ritual” by the artist Silent Killa embodies an expansive sound.  Together with engineer Jiant Killa they utilizes a wide range of instruments, samples and sounds, each playing their part and adding something new to the mix.  Freewheeling effects, genial improvisation and swelling synth sections help characterize the beats.  That experimentation ensures their music is an experience more than just an EP. Killa Alien Productions is creating a sound beyond electronic, Pop, R&B or hip-hop music. Silent Killa clearly puts effort into crafting something that, at first listen, can seem full of random sounds and give the effect of sensory overload.  But he is out to make music people think about, and think to.  And in the single “Lovecraft”, taken from the aforementioned EP, “Ordinary Ritual”, he most certainly succeeds.

First impressions leave the most lasting effect on anyone but are they necessarily always the best? Many times, someone can gather their feelings, thoughts and progressions in order to try again and in turn, succeed or in other cases, improve. But everything is contingent on that one person’s own ability; what exactly would they achieve in even returning with something else?

But the world is filled with possibilities and they’re all in the realm of possibility for anyone. Silent Killa quickly spiked our interest on first impression with “Low Vibration” in 2016. Then he in 2017 he improved on that by surprising us yet gain with another stunner, in the shape of “The Space”.

The opening moments of “Lovecraft” illustrate a new blend of electronic music where both the beats and the melodies can be just as important. Much like he did on his previous outings, Silent Killa has again hit a stride in conveying such compelling sounds.

He is obviously sprawling with far too many good ideas to allow any to go to waste. Cerebral and endlessly beguiling “Lovecraft” is also pretty easy to listen to, whether you choose to take a casual soak in its atmosphere as it spills out of your speakers or slip on a pair of headphones for a more studious jam session.

There’s just one rule: Marvel all you want at Killa Alien Productions’ endlessly inventive arrangements, but don’t try to guess where it’s going next. There’s simply no logic flexible enough for what Silent Killa is doing here, with every bar an unpredictable collage of sounds and transitory textures, to say nothing of the remarkable lyrical poetry infused into the track – “I’m not afraid of the dark / This is where I / will find my heart / It’s a glimpse of / what we truly are / Visions of cosmic art.”

Silent Killa’s aesthetic is difficult to pinpoint discursively, less by design than by the very nature of his working method. He manages the trick of fulfilling expectations while artfully sidestepping them. “Lovecraft” is also one of the best single cuts on the whole EP, and you’ll be hard pressed to protest its congruent groove.


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