Zariyah Natalya: “Too Much Has Changed”

Nineteen-year-old Zariyah Natalya’s debut single, “Too Much Has Changed” emanates a warm, inviting and tender quality throughout its playtime. The release is sprinkled with almost healing musical influences. The new record not only puts Zariyah’s storytelling talents on display, it also shines a spotlight on the artist’s capacity to communicate the raw emotion within her music. Her ability to do this is at the core of the song’s many high points, pulls the arrangement together. Zariyah’s vocal is equally capable, and as distinct as some of her industry contemporaries. Interestingly, on “Too Much Has Changed”, the singer generally abstains from aimless vocal grandstanding and directs her talents into laying the groundwork for the record’s atmospheric creation.

Free from the big-selling, international pop diva whims suffered by some of her peers, Zariyah Natalya maintains a genuine sense of humbleness on this emotionally stirred effort. “Too Much Has Changed”, boasts a compelling, anxiety-free performance from the artist and works a contemporary balance between urban, R&B and more refined musical ideas.

Hence we have an earthly beat, a nocturnal groove and sophisticated, fresh singing from, Zariyah. It all sounds uncluttered and practically screams freedom.

The lyrics potently describe the intricacies of a breaking-down relationship in a way plenty of listeners will be able to relate to. Despite the downhearted imagery conjured up by the mid-tempo R&B effort’s words, “Too Much Has Changed” glows with deep, tranquil, and reflective textures.

The song’s soothing presentation and delicate performance makes it an absolute grower. The stylish, up-to-date production, courtesy of n-music-6 glimmers with its catchy, breezy momentum. The production is stunning, but not nearly as impressive as Zariyah Natalya’s voice.

The tune is affectionate in a way that isn’t exaggerated – its words could even be applied to listeners’ relationships. Zariyah Natalya slides casually over the crisp R&B beat-work and revelatory lyrics. All of the song’s elements come together to pad out its snug, mellow aura.

“Too Much Has Changed” is a melodically pleasing, wide-reaching, and affecting standout. Over subtle, lingering piano chords, Zariyah’s impressive vocal is allowed to take the tune’s limelight. If the song was sung in acapella it would still impact.

Zariyah Natalya is perhaps the most threatening force in R&B, without being aggressive in any way. While she sings, a process of subtle metamorphosis takes place right in front of you, as Zariyah spine-tinglingly channels the song’s intense emotional currents.

The track shows the scope of Zariyah’s versatility and is a good example of why she will probably appeal to both millennials and an older audience. Simple, effective, and emotional: “Too Much Has Changed”, is a confident statement from a talented singer wanting to stake her claim in the music industry.


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