Skinny Is Green: “Sixteen” pushes their sound to new heights

“What would you do when you’re only 16, when your daddy leaves your home for a girl whose 18? Mom goes into a rehab every other week. While you’re trying to fit in at school right there somewhere in between.” It is with these social behavior complexities that Skinny Is Green lyrically opens the brand new video single, “Sixteen”, which tackles the theme of bullying head-on. The song has an addictive refrain and chorus which will seep into your conscious – you’ll find yourself singing it at random intervals after days apart from the song. Which is perfect for remembering what this song is trying to say. “Sixteen” is so undeniably catchy (the kind that subconsciously takes over your mind) that throughout its groovy and pristine run-time, it will hold your attention.

The melody is clear and sharp, the rhythm effortlessly danceable, every little falsetto croon from singer Rav Sitaula rings as nothing but charming. Skinny Is Green’s synth-pop, sound’s as lovable as a couple of kittens; but there’s a lion’s heart pumping life into its artistic veins!

It can also can be quite a layered sound Skinny Is Green produces, as is evident in “Sixteen”, as pricks of melody float through that obscenely catchy chorus that eventually falls into a rhythm-vocal interchange that is as captivating as it is endearing. It shows a maturity in their songwriting which is especially impressive considering their artistic momentum since their 2nd album ‘So, Who’s Watching?’ released in early January 2016.

Where “Sixteen” ultimately succeeds is in its song-craft, with everything from its instrumentation, song structure and production clearly improving, without forsaking the Skinny Is Green effortlessly catchy and engaging melodies. “Sixteen” is an effort that takes all of the band’s distinct sounds from all its past works, puts them together, and augments them, while managing to retain an image that is unique to itself.

“Sixteen” comes fully equipped with plenty of bells and whistles to push their sound to new heights. The song, as described previously, talks about the pressures and suffering linked to bullying, which lyrically takes Skinny Is Green to a new level as well, with more meaningful work.  Because of all the variations in mood throughout the track, we see several different levels of expression from project-leader and vocalist Rav Sitaula to match.

Specifically, while he does opt to sing in his airy and soft persona at times, “Sixteen” also sees him putting a lot of fire into his voice. On top of that, Rav goes into his falsetto at multiple points throughout the track. All throughout the track though, it is interesting and refreshing to see the different creative choices that are being made both vocally and musically.

Skinny Is Green is an Electro/Synthpop band from Baltimore, MD, consisting of founding member, singer, and producer, Rav Sitaula, and Punit Ojha on bass guitar. Both were born and raised in a Nepal, a small land locked country between India and China and together they write tunes that permeates through any nationality, culture or religion.

The Video Single, entitled ‘Sixteen’, is taken from the band’s upcoming album ‘Look in Through Me’ due April 29th. The band currently also has a crowdfunding campaign linked to the release of their album, which you can join HERE.


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