Sandra Farrell & Anthony Smith: “Father” – inspirational and positively uplifting

A Caucasian female born on the east coast of Canada in Newfoundland, and raised in Toronto ON Canada, Sandra Farrell is a very interesting newcomer to Reggae. Nicknamed Sandra Cha Cha Gal Farrell, due to her flashy dressing, she was introduced to Jamaican Patwa by Record producer Ralph Staples and later to Reggae music. Thrilled about the genre, Sandra has made several visits to Jamaica, where the islanders love to hear her speak and are surprised by her talent. Many thinking that she was actually a native of Jamaica. At first Sandra not only considered it funny, but downright impossible to become a dance-hall rapper. Ralph insisted and after months of practicing she was ready to record her first song and move to the next level. Not only was she a female in a male dominated game, but a white girl from Canada. And soon she was to be introduced to smooth reggae singer, Carl Anthony Smith.

The two have since blended their contrasting styles into an inspirational and positively uplifting song called “Father”. The track, which deals with spiritual challenges that many are faced with in today’s society, has been aired on radio stations worldwide.

The track has also been drawing attention to its performers, with Sandra Farrell currently working towards her album release this summer. Though trading in serious issues, “Father” seems to be inspired by light and love alone, as Carl and Sandra invite us into spiritual sunshine and let our souls hang loose.

Released under the Verbal Music Inc., and taken from the album “The Best of Ralph Staples Production, Vol.1”, the commanding voice of Anthony Smith and complex lyrical flow of Sandra Farrell is a perfect match.

Together they convince us that this generation needs to see the light. And while they never doubt their faith, they do question it: “Father the system is getting harder. Why can’t the good men prosper? Why must thy children suffer?” We need outspoken artists like Anthony and Sandra who are not afraid to confront us with uncomfortable and delicate subjects. And faith can be one of the touchiest!

Apart from the stunningly soulful vocals of Anthony Smith, and the underlying, driving melodic riddim production, by Verbal Music Inc., “Father” brings to our attention the musical output of an exceptional woman who has a firm grasp on life and all that comes with it.

A firm grasp is what Sandra Farrell has on her voice as well – crystal clear verses and a never off-rhythm flow make this single an enjoyable affair with a strong message – We were made from royalty, made in our Father’s likeness, thus being beautiful lights of the world. So why are we made to suffer at the hands of the wicked, who lead the world?


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