“KAP Vol III – Haven’t Seen Anything Yet” – a compilation project

Katrell Platt, “Katrell The Phenomenal” has put together a mix project entitled “KAP Vol III – Haven’t Seen Anything Yet”, hosted and blended by DJ Apollo from Coalition DJs / Coalition DJs Carolina. The Coalition DJ’s are credited with breaking a plethora of dope artists and records, including the likes of Future, Jeezy, 2 Chainz, Migos, and newer artists like Moneybag Yo. For this project KAP has selected the very best underground, independent, unsigned, and undiscovered talents. Ranging from Coast to Coasts, and the Midwest, all the way over to Europe.

This project features some international heavy weights (Caddy Pack), and familiar household names (Waka Flocka, Dyce Payne, Diesel, Katrell The Phenomenal), and several upcoming talents. The extraordinary musical compilation is backed and pushed by TruBrilliance Entertainment x Pairamilitary Records x Coalition DJs / Coalition DJs Carolina.

No one knows exactly when rap started. Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash imported sound-system basics to the Bronx from the Caribbean through the 1970s, and it took until 1979 for “rap” to be recognized as a recorded music genre.

That said, rap has stood the test of time that no-one believed it had, against all odds.  And now in 2018 “KAP Vol III – Haven’t Seen Anything Yet”, shows us exactly why the genre as come this far, and sets the bar from where it needs proceed next.

This project is a masterstroke of rap music. It transcends any typical criticisms of rap and hiphop. The album simply has something to say, and anyone who listens will know it.

From the soulful melodic sway of “Pull Up – 7daybandz x Cobia”, to the moody lament of “Grow On Trees 2 – Diesel”, on to the verbal onslaught of “Free – Wync” and the club banger “I Bet She Go – Caddy Pack x Waka Flocka”, not to mention the smooth vibes of “Katrell The Phenomenal, Tone Jonez – Bea’s Lude II – Katrell The Phenomenal”, this body of work is a colorful piece of art.

It has a clear purpose and vision and executes both with unflinching imagery, broadly applicable symbolism, and musical excellence. “KAP Vol III – Haven’t Seen Anything Yet” compresses a plethora styles and themes into an emotional roller-coaster of a rap collection.

That calls up an important aspect of the album: the songwriting is pure genius. Each feature, verse, chorus, melody, and structure, creating a coherent, listenable album.

In fact, it’s so easy to consume that many of the more complex assertions and pieces of wisdom are lost on the first listen. You’ll need to hit replay a few times. This album possesses a good amount of substance lyrically and production wise and warrants multiple listens.

Every time this recording gets a spin the listener is bound to pick up something new, whether that be a clever quotable or an interesting beat and the music never loses steam when listening front to back. With this project, Katrell The Phenomenal has cemented himself as one of the most valuable players in the game.


Features on the album include:

Beats By Trell / Katrell The Phenomenal

DoomGotBeats x Prosthetic Intelligentz x Gravity Movement

7daybandz x Cobia

BeatMachine (Took4Granted x Sunny Dizzle)

Calvin Reed


OG Swanga x Ralph Gotti (SBMG)

Virtue Oso (Pairamiiltary)


Caddy Pack x Waka Flocka

Buddy Cuz, Elevator Jay, Dyce Payne, Calvin Reed, Cory Purvis

Diesel Beats










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