Lyndon Rivers: “Gimme Your Love” – flair and confidence

One thing you can always count on with English-born Aussie Producer, Lyndon Rivers: No matter how far afield he goes with the musical experimentalism and vocal theatricality, he always brings it back to that warm-fuzzy place. Case in point, his latest track, “Gimme Your Love”. On every release Rivers’ jumps on a different bandwagon and rides the thing home with his usual flair and confidence. He keeps switching styles, singers and sounds – the only common denominator being, his will to rock the house, by any means possible. Quality-wise, his catalog has a higher batting average.

He likes big synths and warm chords, which in EDM is like saying he likes air and fresh water, but in his hands, otherwise pedestrian fare brims with densely layered harmonics, a thicket of notes so tightly compressed you simultaneously hear it as a single note and many notes at once.

Lyndon Rivers is using the same ingredients as the other guys, but his are privately sourced and artisanally crafted, whereas theirs are flown in from the mass cloning markets.

He’s got many tricks up his sleeve, and a lot more than many of his contemporaries, and most importantly, they’re his own tricks and his alone. I mean, he didn’t invent any of them, but he puts his own stamp on all of them. This is why you should appreciate him.

Many of EDM’s biggest superstars are arguably better brand managers than they are DJs or Producers, and some of them won’t even deny that. It’s a situation that’s begging to be rebelled against.

“Gimme Your Love” is a kind of rebellion. A rebellion against the usual EDM formulas. Listen to the change of pace and the piano playing against the beat, between the vocals and the drums after the opening verse. How many producers have the courage play those piano interludes in such an odd time signature?

Other than that, this is a no frills dance track where the beauty is in the simplicity. From the pounding kicks, shimmering keys, throbbing bass and soulful vocal hook, this track is a compact dancefloor bomb for the tougher floors.

An outstanding rounded and solid package, “Gimme Your Love” bares plenty of Lyndon Rivers usual sonic hallmarks – synths cutting through the track like rays of light at the bottom of the ocean; thumping drums that are incessant, and a sense of spaciousness and broad field sounds few producers can achieve. A sumptuous, engrossing listen, it comes across like an underground electronic track done on a big budget.


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