DJ NoMis: “Back To You” – distinct and adventurous characteristics

Fresh from a long sprint of fantastic single releases as well as his debut album “NoMiNation” in 2016, DJ NoMis has once again taken an incredibly ambitious step in releasing his 8 track EP “Back To You”. After a few thorough listens, I think it’s safe to say the hardworking hopeful who started the 2020 Sound production company two years ago to make an impact on the industry, has dropped another game changer. If any artist was versatile enough to pull off such a diverse amount of content without it becoming tiresome and unoriginal, it is without a doubt DJ NoMis. The most impressive thing about this recording is the fact that every song has such distinct and adventurous characteristics to it.

DJ NoMis does correctly what a lot of other artists do wrong in EDM. He proves his creativity through the ability to bring something fresh to every song. The up and coming writer and producer shows his maturity through production that feels like a solid EP rather than a compilation of a few songs. In order to captivate a listener for a multiple amount of songs, one must be able to rewrite and challenge processes. DJ NoMis does exactly that through creating a variegating listening experience.

I’m going to start with the production here, because this is what DJ NoMis is prime at. What this EP has that most other EDM collections doesn’t, is variety. “Back To You” has rapping and singing wrapped in pop, alternative and dance flavors. It has a nice feel to it, and leads up good hype. The production has that classic dance-pop sound with layered instrumentals and synth and bass lines that actually work great together.

The drops wherever they appear on this EP also have good variety and are never exaggerated. From the epic blast of energy in the opening title track “Back To You” (feat. Danielle Epp & Ari Lauchenauer), to the male vocal in “Best One Of All” (feat. Dan Kee), or even the extended pop hooks in “Loving On You” (feat. Danielle Marie), the features are all perfectly matched in their interpretations.

Songs like “Hide & Seek”, “Supreme” and “On Track” have a completely different vibe to some of the other songs on the EP. These are the tracks where we can admire the singing and rapping of DJ NoMis himself. His performances are edgier with serious alternative overtones filling the songs. This delivers a unique slant to the electronic soundscapes.  Overall, this solid production keeps an interchangeable sound, and brings in the aforementioned variety.

There are a variety of guests here. And I have say, all of them performed unbelievably well. Danielle Marie goes into a vocal range that’s steady yet powerful, while Geriel & Danny Kornblum spread out a bit. Dan Kee takes the anthemic approach using the uplifting elements to lock-in audiences.

Danielle Epp & Ari Lauchenauer have an amazing duet flow as well. DJ NoMis also comes through with his signature combo style. There are also some pretty insane lyrics and themes here. The dominant ones concentrating on relationships and their romantic implications.

This is EDM taken and put together with pop, alternative, and rap. It takes the best of its collaborators, matches sentimental themes with dance beats, and combines catchy melodies with energetic drops. There’s a variety in sound and an overall feel to it that just makes you want get up and dance or singalong, or do whatever.

Each song is represented by a well-defined sound, rhythm and mood. You can listen to any track depending on your mood, and have your emotions change with each song. And for that alone, it may become a favorite among fans.




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