‘Just Get Me’ – The Brand New Single By Ari B

If the quote “You are who you are by virtue of the company you keep” is at all true, then Ari B must be something else. The young, award-winning Bostonian singer and songwriter, has surrounded herself by the crème de la crème of creatives. On her brand new single, ‘Just Get Me’, Ari B has collaborated with the likes of Justin Gerrish (Charlie XCX, John Mayor, Vampire Weekend), Sangwook and ‘Sunny’ Nam (Barbara Streisand, Carole King, Billy Ray Cyrus) and Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Paul Irizarry “ECHO”, who remixed the track. And if that doesn’t sound like enough, the single’s supporting video was directed by Wayne Isham (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears) and choreographed by award-winning Chuck Maldonado (Chris Brown, Step Up 4, Stomp the Yard).

As if the company she keeps is not a big enough indication of her potential star power, Ari B has already assembled a list of impressive awards in 2018   – “Best Music Video” (Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival), “Best Female Vocalist” (Global Music Awards) and “Best Song” (Festigious Film Festival, Los Angeles).

But when all the hype and hysteria settles, after the names-dropping and award-listing, what we’re left with is, the singer and the song. And it is here where Ari B truly shows her talent, and is most impressive. The girl can sing and dance. Passionately. Convincingly. Unequivocally.

You will love her attitude, style, and the emotion she imparts in her vocals, music and dance. ‘Just Get Me’ is a solid pop record with noteworthy hooks and engaging, dynamic production. Ari B’s vocals are strong and nuanced, while the lyrical ideas at play are sensitive, vulnerable yet empowering and moving.

There is just no excuse to not love Ari B: the young lady is exceptionally talented, gorgeous, and seems to possess a strong, independent persona that will set her apart from her contemporaries. The dichotomy inherent in the song’s title, ‘Just Get Me’, is present throughout the track with the contrasting sound of a joyful embrace while Ari B sings of relationship intricacies.

‘Just Get Me’ is where a gentle but insistent dance beat accompanies soaring, passionately emotional vocals, creating an infectious melancholia with a trace of uplift. In the wonderfully cinematic video for the song, there is interpretive dance amidst a plea for answers and a happily ever-after…with a final twist.

Facing the storyline’s sentimental implications, there’s feistiness here from a woman who will not surrender. Noteworthy vocals and a driven beat, create a sonic wonderland that is fully pop and yet amazingly intelligent and insightful. Backed by a heavenly musical arrangement by TON Life Music and some sharp dance moves, Ari B absolutely shines in her stunning individuality.

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