Adrift ft Conn Fuego: “For You” blends powerful elements

Give Adrift this: he does a hell of a job on his first outing, of trying to get himself entrenched in the important echelons of a notoriously finicky EDM industry. There are a lot of factors at play in the game, not least of which are a crack marketing team, a label which is fully behind you, and the fans who want to buy your stuff. At this point in time Adrift uses the only arm at his disposition, and that is his propensity for keeping perfectly neck-and-neck with the sounds in his realm of music. His debut track “For You” featuring Conn Fuego sits right at the crest of the movement, soaring alongside big name artists.

The track is so good largely because it melds the best of festival euphoria, with Adrenalin-like big room elements. The easy addition of different instrumentals also gives this track a cool feel as it crescendos, while Fuego’s vocals soars along to the rhythm.

It seems that Adrift and Conn Fuego could be the perfect mix. Fuego’s stunning and soulful voice directly in contrast with the electronic beat that Adrift brings to the table, provides an intriguing blend of genuine and synthetic sound. He knows just what to do with her voice for maximum impact.

This song is an excellent choice for the launch of a career. It combines all of the better elements that we’ve been exposed to in the genre lately – strong vocal components, a solid mix of electronic melodies, and an impenetrable foundation of bass. This track is incredibly unexpected from a newcomer and pretty much irresistible.

A word has to be said for the hard-hitting drums and the rock like-opening embellished with crushing chords. Between all these components, the song enamors the ear of all that are pulled in by its sheer power. Enchanted by the endless stream of emotion you will experience,

I’m almost certain this is a track you will listen to daily. This track is put together by someone with a wealth of talent, intelligence and an idea of how to make the roots of his music come alive. Adrift’s ability to combine the sounds of EDM today with elements from other genres coincides with his bold songwriting capabilities.

MORE ABOUT: Adrift is a singer/songwriter/musician from Toronto. A versatile and multi-talented artist, Adrift is currently expressing his vision through electronic music. Inspired by artists like Calvin Harris, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kings of Leon and Kaskade, Adrift confidently mixes elements of pop and EDM with hip-hop and rock to create a distinct and appealing style.


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