Three60: “Shake That” feels more intentional and rewarding

The song “Shake That”, is a triumph. The reason it reaches that status in the first place is because it’s unique. Everything about the single off “Here I Go VoL 3: The Album”, the upcoming project by Three60 plants itself in your head — the irresistible hook, the constant ad-libs peppered throughout the verses, the ridiculous beat. It’s perhaps the ultimate mainstream styled track from the Vegas-based artist, which features more than its fair share of memorable lines. “Shake That” is a tour de force of all that makes Three60 great while showcasing all of his newfound strengths — the gift for catchy hooks and melodies, unique flows, and phenomenal one-liners.

After a substantial number of releases, Three60 has ascended higher than ever before, into a completely new direction. And his not looking back down any time soon, I don’t think. With all of this in mind, I have high expectations for the album’s release and am hoping for something exceptional from Three60 again.

Part of the ongoing issue with mainstream rap records in the modern era is the overabundance of features compounded by the tryingly boring barrage of stock trap beats. Three60, who usually consolidates around his ABC (All Bout Cash) crew, and ATGROXCG who gets all mixing and mastering credits here, totally bucks the trend on all counts.

This track has no features, and Three60 has done more than create his “own” sound on “Shake That”. Three60 shows the he possesses the talent to make a more accessible record that’s as good as his straight previous releases, and at the same time he does not abandon the charm and consistency that made those tapes and singles so great in the process.

Regardless of whether or not Three60 goes back to his more eclectic underground sound or decides to further explore other styles of hip-hop, his next chapter is going to be a very interesting one to watch. The concept on this single itself feels more intentional and rewarding.

It’s very much in the mainstream lane, but Three60 still hits some sharp notes that embody his strengths, and he still manages to surprise with a turn of phrase. The song is easy to listen so consider this just another Three60 track, and observe as he impresses with scope and confidence.

Since bursting onto the scene, Three60 has been relentless in his pursuit of success. And while he remains an outsider, he is now banging on the door. “Shake That” may just be the spark he needs to blaze a trail to stardom. Do not pass up on this track. It surely won’t disappoint you and will attend to your hip-hop interests.


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