Daniele Truocchio: “Gravity Walk” – meticulously crafted mood-inducing music

Daniele Truocchio is a Film and Television composer from Rome (Italy), currently working in Los Angeles. Daniele started playing guitar when he was 7 and performed his first live concert when he was 10 years old, together with his eldest brother Emanuele on keyboards and their youngest brother Antonio on percussion, who was 5 years old at the time. Daniele graduated from Berklee College of Music after receiving two scholarships, and is currently scoring short films as well as being involved in the music team of projects like: Six (History Channel), Famous In Love (Warner Bros Television), Ghosts of War (Miscellaneous Entertainment), Roswell (CW), God Friended me (CBS).

One of the greatest things about being an open-minded music listener is that every new piece seems like its own journey, whether good or bad. When keeping your musical horizons open, you could always find the next source of inspiration in music. A

s long as there’s a genuine sense of passion, any set of notes can tell a story of its own. That ideology is why the combination of cinema and music works so well together; even though you see what’s happening on screen, music can still always enhance the mood the imagery is communicating.

With Daniele Truocchio’s musical piece, “Gravity Walk”, we have no imagery to rely on, and are transported on a journey by the music alone. Not only do you get an amazing ambient track with perfectly-placed symphonic and piano flourishes, but a piece that displays a mastery of the concept tension and release.

Similar to a film, the atmosphere of the recording ranges between epically beautiful and sprawling, to extremely airy and spacious with a slight thread of apprehension.

There’s a beautiful instrumental flourish that washes over the soundscape, after the solemn building string introduction which gives off a temporary dynamic shift to the piece until it turns to a more serene outro, which is pretty much an embodiment of both a reflective and hopeful side.

The tranquil vastness of space is represented in minimalist style with gentle, shimmering piano cues riding on the temperate swishes of sound.

A walk on the moon or a journey into outer space should somehow depict vastness, emptiness, and silence. As when you’re up there, you’re on your own. Hence the music should reflect this reality; a score laden with too much melody and orchestral dynamicity would give the setting too much personality and life, when in fact there is so little of that in space, as we know it.

However, at the same time, space is beautiful and wondrous, and it is here that Daniele Truocchio finds a balance between the opposing elements, capturing the emotional marvel of monumental expanses of space.

“Gravity Walk” is just over two minutes of meticulously crafted mood-inducing music by Daniele Truocchio.


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