Lyndon Rivers: “I Will Miss You” blends the atmospheric with the lively!

Since moving from England to Western Australia, songwriter and music producer Lyndon Rivers has continued his forward motion. Since 2014 he has released nearly 20 singles which have been played in radio stations across the world. He has never released an album from what I can gather, yet Lyndon is becoming a prolific and key figure in the underground electronic music scene. His significance is a lot bigger than one might guess from his output of singles. Authenticity, originality, funky, fresh, wildly entertaining, his latest song, “I Will Miss You” is another one-of-a-kind track from Lyndon.

I can love and appreciate most all bodies of music, especially when you know that the artist, producer, or musician works tirelessly on his projects. That’s what you get out of Lyndon Rivers. Not only do you get to dive into a vast journey through the songs he has created, you get to feel what he created from his perspective as well. If you’re an avid Rivers fanboy or fangirl, then it is truly spectacular to see him explore his creativity on each new track he releases.

At its core, Lyndon’s compositional style consists of sturdy 4/4 dance rhythms on a drum machine, with synths on top. The keyboards often play catchy melodies, while he allows his singing collaborators – male or female – to soar across the soundscape.

A formula he repeats with ample success on “I Will Miss You”.  This track is so massive with the perfect lows and the vicious highs. There is nothing like a piece of pop powered electro house coming from a visionary such as Lyndon Rivers.

While captivating audiences with his versatile sound and skillful techniques in the art of eclecticism on record, Lyndon’s new studio release again raises the bar for himself, and a bunch of other electro producers.

Jump-starting the dance landscape with its electro production, this hyperactive tune is completely cohesive while keeping the audience on their toes. “I Will Miss You” is practically a pop anthem for the new crossover dance scene. It has a flirty vocal feel and an addictive synth-driven rhythm.

This single is the new cutting-edge, and without a doubt the perfect balance of nitty-gritty, classic electro and alt-pop. I’ve said this before, but there’s no-one quite like Lyndon Rivers in the world of electronic dance music at the moment.

Rather than appeal to what is essentially the lowest common denominator, that’s as soulless as it is appealing to the masses, Lyndon’s unique brand of electronic music tries to blend the atmospheric with the lively, as well as the old with the new. So you never really know where each of his new tracks will take you, until you’ve heard it!

You can listen to the track here: “I Will Miss You”


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