PesoGang: “The Take B4 the Tape” – an infectious chemistry!

Cash, Joe Wave & Kay Kay are a part of PesoGang the All-Star team belonging to Truth Be Told Records. They have recently dropped an 8 song project, entitled “The Take B4 the Tape”, to showcase their talents. Drop the needle anywhere on this album, and you will find the same strong, sticky Auto-Tune harmonies and triplet-laced rhyming, with the luxurious production and catchy melodic choruses. In a popular rap scene that’s grown increasingly simplistic over the years when it comes to vocals, PesoGang shows how fun music can be when it’s made by friends with big personalities, using language like a playground and stacking words on top of each other in witty fashion. Their flows, ecstatic ad-libs, and infectious chemistry make them stand out from the pack in high style.

The charismatic stars of this underground group glide through their verses and hooks as effortlessly as one would usually expect from a veteran group. The amount of anthemic force they can put behind any line is impressive. It’s not just the emphatic vocals- what’s most surprising here is the impressive work the production put in behind the boards on each track. If their scorching-hot run of verses isn’t enough to convince you, then maybe how they finesse their way through the melodic vocals will prove the many ways they have to rip up any beat.

“Space Jam” ft. Cash is a prime showcase with its mesmerizing melody, thumping bass drum beat, and it’s chant-like verses. By the time we hit play on the atmospheric “I Know” ft. KayKay and Cash, it is clear that the PesoGang have given us what we want and expect out of this genre.

“The Take B4 the Tape” is genuinely thrilling modern rap music for the majority of its running time. And none more so than on the soulful and brass ensemble infused, “Who Are You” ft. Joe Wave. It all hints at a certain complexity and depth you don’t really see elsewhere in the genre right now

The project is surprisingly light on its feet, skipping nimbly between musical styles: the bass driven “Think About You” ft. Cash and the layered, rich, vaguely organic Caribbean beat “Dot It” being prime examples.

There’s also the teeming sound of eerie stringed electronics on “Chapters” ft Money Mont, or “I’m Sorry” ft. KayKay and Cash, based around what sounds like a meandering classical improvisation and a banging urban beat. You’re struck by the sense of the producers forced to bring their A-game because they’re dealing with a crew at the summit of their performing powers.

This album is a work that will wow you with catchy hooks, focused lyrics, full-proof chemistry, and the occasional more somber moments. With each member of the crew committing religiously to the creative fulfillment of their participated track, the album marches at a pretty steady pace, with subtle artistic choices giving each track a slightly different mood.

The rhymes add more punch to the rhythmic devices at play, while the melodies are infectious as hell. With each listen you’re guaranteed to pick up on a new smirk-inducing quotable. Via “The Take B4 the Tape”, PesoGang are introducing everyone to the realities of their roots and their sound.

A word of note – Don’t forget that Ceo Cash “Tawkinn Cash” Drops October 31st.



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