Costi x Wilson Fisk: “Fisk of Fury” spawns perpetual dopeness

Costi is an emcee originally from west London, and one half of the duo, One Line to an Angle. A few months back he joined Wilson Fisk in releasing the 5 track EP, “Fisk of Fury” by Costi X Wilson Fisk. With production reaching as far out as the boom bap and scratch rap essentials, the EP is a collage of songs that speak poetically and rhythmically in an unpretentious and deadpan Brit style. The two have found a place in the massive, yet crowded musical space. Their sound is poetic narrative fused with a melodic vocal stream that confirms and celebrates the complexity and simplicity of what rap was in the golden age, what it should be right now, and what it must again become in the years ahead.

The record’s musical fusion succeeds across its tracks, never stumbling, and spawning perpetual dopeness. It isn’t a monotonic effort; both shine, individually, and together – Costi delivering the lyric sheets, and Fisk melding the beats. Costi’s spoken words seem effortless and Wilson Fisk has an ear for sophisticated rhythms.

As clichéd as it sounds, the EP has something for everyone from the banging beat lover to the laid-back song fanatic, with a majority of the tracks being cool and mellowed out, regardless of the tempo.

The first track, “2 Minute Special” quickly introduces the flavor and versatility to follow. Costi exhales confidence that drips from the verses and swirls around the arrangement which showcases a thick flurry of horns weaving in and out of the song.          

“Kryptonite” bangs on an upbeat soundscape filled with harmonic chants and adlibs, held together by strings, a swooshing organ and a thumping kick drum. The retro electro-keys push the momentum on “Pay Me” as Costi delivers his smart wordplay and smooth Brit swagger. This may just be the best track in the pack overall.

“Finer Things” forges another fully fleshed out production from Wilson Frisk, and embellished with rich and lusciously layered horns and strings. Costi throws in a much more urgent and edgy flow which leans toward the popular American-styled hip-hop deliveries.

“Pound 4 Pound” embraces a set of soulful samples where Costi measures up with his unique rhyme scheme and quaintly nuanced vocal delivery. This is exactly the type of track that places Costi in his comfort zone. Revealing him to be one capable of exerting a smart flow that is both sharp and defined.

“Fisk of Fury” is one of those rare recordings that satisfy from start to finish, with a brilliantly understated execution.  We probably won’t be hearing any of these songs on the mainstream radio in America, but it’s confidently recommended by me.

Introducing this EP into your collection will bring some fresh air and style to your world. It’s a kind of metropolitan mural of sound with an English accent that captures your attention instantly. If you consider yourself current with music and someone who wants to be at the forefront of the scene, on both sides of the ocean, make sure you grab this.


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