Valerie Warntz: “Crazy Dreams” – a more than satisfying experience

Valerie Warntz is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter who has been musically inclined since childhood. At 9-years-old she entered into The Sviridov’s School of Arts where she studied guitar and piano playing, chorus and sol-fa. Valerie, who has won many International and City Competitions, started writing lyrics at the age of twelve, and completed her first full song at sixteen. She is currently promoting her 4 track EP “Crazy Dreams”. Anyone who doesn’t know the musical talents and ambition of Valerie Warntz is missing out. She provides strong words and voice behind songs that have pure and dulcet tones which could take listeners to another place and time, one better than the spot in the universe they currently occupied. That kind of power in music is rare.

The opening piano notes on “I Don’t Love You Anymore” captures the audience, and Valerie’s incredibly beautiful vocal delivery just keep them captivated until the song ends. The lyrics are deep, and the simplicity of their message is ultimately effective because of the combination of the well-layered composition as a whole.

The melody, the voice, the words, there’s a literal surrender here for the listener to fall into that is mesmerizing. There is an internal journey this music will take you on every time you hear it.

In between the pure emotion and talent, as well as the fine-tuned stylings of “Crazy Dreams”, the EP has that elusive mix of art and artistry that undeniably draws you to it. The title track in itself is unlike any other pop song you’ll hear on the radio.

Valerie pulls away from the trendy trappings of modern pop and designs this song on an almost classic blend of Folk and Baroque stylings.  What you will find is a singer that’s more willing than ever to connect, to use her milky alto to share her personal demons and guarded triumphs.

When Valerie steps up to the mic, she sings directly into your ear, wanting you to be involved and invested in her tracks. “Beach” takes her compelling, distinctive voice and lets it make its mark on your soul. Warntz’ voice is elevated to the point where her words practically soar gently above the ethereal string section.

Listening to this song is pretty much a warm, comforting hug. There’s never the feeling here that she’s trying to cram too much – lyrically, intellectually or musically – into the song. In fact, the track’s greatest strength is the breathing space it offers.

The surprise comes in the form of the final song, “Ca$h”. An upbeat electronically driven anthem, this is probably not the type of song one would expect, after listening to the first 3 tracks on this EP. What it does though, is play testimony to the fact that Valerie can step up the rhythm a couple of notches when she wants.

It’s a slinky synth groove with a thumping drumbeat which Valerie delivers with her usual power, grace and majesty. There are few young female artists out there that manage to be catchy, unobtrusive and intelligent all at the same time.

Anyone listening to this EP will know what I’m talking about. People who are starting to feel her out, deciding whether Valerie Warntz is an artist they want to add to their lives should add this EP to the collection, so they can begin to familiarize themselves with this young lady’s craft.

Valerie is creatively finding herself and she is willing to share that experience with others. Her voice, the music, and the lyrics are perfectly blended to deliver a more than satisfying experience.


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