King Magee: “Glory Glory” – A Christian-centered message and a fantastic sound

A music producer and audio engineer, King Magee creates instrumentals and beats for singers, emcees and rappers, in all genres of music. He is currently promoting his single “Glory Glory”, which he also performed. Apart from the creative’s skillset, King Magee’s testimony will speak to your heart. His call to rise and be a light in this dark world is timely and yet timeless. His tracks may influence you to examine your life and convict you of your shiftlessness in the body of Christ but then inspire you to do more. I’m sure this is just the spark that many Christians need to reignite the embers in their soul. His scripturally inspired words will touch the hearts of the saints and move you to action for such a time as this.

It’s very inspirational without neglecting any of the craft that makes King Magee one of the more versatile producers in the underground game. The production is solid and diverse on “Glory Glory”, which comes off the “Project # 1 – Mixtape”, with the King bringing a fresh rhyme scheme and flow to the verses.

All while leaning and trusting on the Lord. He paints pictures with his lyrics and has something about him that makes you connect. He gets into details – the struggles and victories and how we are blessed to be able to worship.

On the track, King Magee maintains a certain lyrical tenacity and combines it with music and lyrics that everyone can learn something from. The piano and percussion dominated beat, and his flow are smooth, and his messages are crystal clear.

No doubt King Magee’s popularity will grow exponentially, not only because of his various production styles, but also because of his careful cultivation of an identifiable rapping style that is both contemporary and deeply rooted in Christian faith. His music reaches the same level of appeal of his contemporaries, without the spiritual void.

King Magee’s merit is not simply derived from his conception of Christian themes, but more for his sensitive treatment of these subjects as well as his ear for making quality hip-hop beats. He can rollout bona fide bangers, and “Glory Glory” confers another degree of hip-hop credibility to his catalog.

While most rappers rap about lust, drugs and shooting people, King Magee understands we live in a fallen world and that the face of rap needs to change. Running through his catalog, it’s clear that King Magee has for a long time been calling people to live an active faith with integrity – and this encouragement continues through “Glory Glory”.

“Glory Glory” is a very powerful track, which highlights King Magee’s focus and mission. King Magee is a true professional in his own right and has released some stellar productions thus far.

“Glory Glory” brings a flavor that is sure to appeal to all who like diversity, creativity and honesty. A combination of both a great, Christian-centered message and a fantastic sound is not something that is easily found nowadays, but King Magee delivered!


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