Elmin Ferati – “Can’t Let Go” (feat. Amber Skyes) exceeds all expectations!

Having already acquired international DJ support from the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Benny Benassi, DJ Snake, and Annie Mac (BBC Radio 1), Elmin Ferati has now launched his new record label, Starfall, and presents us with his first North American commercial radio release, “Can’t Let Go” featuring the gorgeous vocals of American Dance Pop artist, Amber Skyes. Sometime since the summer of 2008, the DJ/producer has been demonstrating he has more than what it takes to be summed as such. During his time with the group, Easton, and the release of “Swiss Track” (2009), “Already Gone” (2013) and “Healing Rain” (2015), not only did he reveal his technical capabilities to the world – but in a way, he foreshadowed what was to come on his latest single. Now, “Can’t Let Go” ft. Amber Skyes, has arrived, and it exceeds all expectations.

Ambient melodic elements usher in a meandering guitar progression that dances through its chords, while the vocals tell an ultimately heartrending story that contrasts the lighthearted electro synth and piano ethos, to some degree. The pairing of expansive musicality and intimate lyrics play off each other for an all-embracing listening experience.

Amber Skyes’ voice pierces the audio spectrum with power and poignancy, as her melody hooks and hold the listener’s attention. Elmin Ferati’s stylistic musical threads weaves the track together in a way that begs you to reach out for the replay button.

In many ways, “Can’t Let Go” ft. Amber Skyes navigates the post-EDM landscape. It gracefully pays respect to the influences at its foundation while simultaneously refusing to adhere to the restrictive boundaries of genres, incorporating pop and alt-folk flavors with such taste that the track sounds like the logical next step in the creative journey of a courageous mastermind.

If you’ve been anywhere close to electronic music over the last couple of years, chances are that you’ve noticed a change in the kind of music that’s dominating the charts, and being produced by a lot of talented EDM producers. Elmin Ferati comfortably falls into this group of game changers.

The song is kept centered around Amber Skyes vocals, and sounds beautiful. You just feel like listening to more of her voice. She adds a lot of expression and emotion to her performance, displaying a gritty and strong vocal.

Elmin Ferati has done excellently here to let the vocals standout, and injects just the right amount of synth, guitar and piano in the right places here to keep the warmth glowing. Ferati is consistent in the type of vibe that he wants to produce, and he is using a winning formula.

He manages to imbue the song with a brilliant melody alongside excellent instrumentation, and at the same time the song’s narrative tells an emotional story as the lyrics hit the mark. Elmin Ferati is the next potential electronic star to watch, and this enjoyable single, “Can’t Let Go” ft. Amber Skyes, proves why.


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