D Marley: ‘Casualties’ – strong musically, and revealing, lyrically

Chicago born rapper D Marley drops his latest single ‘Casualties’. This follows his previously released single, ‘Underground’, from the “Diverse Chicago” EP, as well as his  2017 mixtape, “Now I See”. As a rapper, he’s sharp and clear and authoritative, pronouncing every syllable crisply enough that you never have to strain to understand him. He’s got a surprisingly nimble and affecting sing-song voice too. He’s a classic deep thinker, and you can hear the conscious calculation and philosophizing in just about every verse he spits on ‘Casualties’, which tackles some serious community and social issues. Rather than chasing hits, he puts his gifts, which are considerable, toward building something affecting, something that really gets across the complex thoughts and feelings of a guy who understands the inner workings of a repressed society.

D Marley’s a sharp talent with a whole lot to say right now, and he’s letting it all hang out on ‘Casualties’. From the opening bars of the song, you can hear that he is a sophisticated rapper with an unrelenting sonic template.

The song is full of warm, inviting soulful keyboard sounds, throbbing basslines and hissing hi-hats. Throughout, D Marley gets to be the clear center of attention with his slippery flow and focused rhyming. He sounds like he could rap over anything, especially when backed by a minimal beat.

Carrying the track’s weight is D Marley’s storytelling ability, which is razor-sharp. And of course, the track is peppered with references to Chicago, and the problems that plagues his city. But these themes apply to many other cities nationwide.

While the track is primarily focused on delivering the expectations the title creates, D Marley devotes plenty of energy to crafting clever bars and developing a unique, potent sound, driven by strong vocals and calculated production. It serves as a coming out party for one of the more promising underground spitters.

‘Casualties’ is full of social commentary, emotion, reflection, and self-improvement. Moreover it’s a plainspoken hip-hop record that is easy to understand, as it successfully taps into inner city struggles and larger social issues. D Marley offers anecdotes about inner city life that make unsuspecting listeners feel as if they really know what his talking about.

He aims to inspire, while acknowledging the struggles and failures, with a heavily detailed analysis taken from his own eyes and personal perception. You should get to know the D Marley and stream ‘Casualties’ on all of your preferred streaming services.

Overall, ‘Casualties’ works because it’s both strong musically, and revealing, lyrically. This is a gorgeous, somber track that meditates on the cycle of a group of people’s aspirations, the encumbering violence, and the resulting social traumas. It is an adequate reflection of lifestyles hidden underneath the surface of the more apparent hedonist thrills. D Marley has cut through the hype, to chronicle true-life existence.


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