Elmont: “Get Some” grabs you at first listen!

Elmont is an alternative rock band hailing from Dallas, TX. Now if you have no idea who the hell they are, let me be the first to tell you that they broke in 2016 with self-produced debut single, “Home”, which they followed up with critically acclaimed 6 track self-titled EP. Now, because you still have no idea who the hell Elmont are, let me tell you: they should’ve been on your radar a long time ago. Actually they should’ve been on a whole lot of radars.  And if you were one of the lucky few people who have heard the band before, you’ll be happy to hear that on their brand new track, “Get Some”, nothing has changed. The groovy drumming is still around, now taken care of by new drummer Mason Grimes, the catchy-as-hell melodies are intact, the band unity between guitarist Chance Day and bassist ( and keyboardist) Jamie Stafford is stronger than ever while vocalist (and guitarist) John Muhl is still the cog that keeps the machine running smoothly.

What separates Elmont from the crowd is the fact that not only are they instrumentally solid, they also have a damn fine vocalist that keeps you utterly and entirely captivated. Whether Muhl does that in his smooth falsetto, with his infectious singer-songwriter voice, or with his sweeter choral fries, he ropes in the listener with his deliberate melodies and makes the songs soar with his arena-ready choruses and catchy pop inflection.

Precisely all the elements he applies in “Get Some”. The song boasts consistent catchiness while also incorporating a delectable combination of musical depth, and progression.

So if you’re in the mood to hear some absolutely banging, tightly knit, catchy indie rock because you love the hell out of music, Elmont will serve you well indeed. Elmont is an expression of the love for music the band has and their desire to reciprocate that love.

They toy with layered organic orchestration, gentle, intricate guitar runs, and building percussion, while vocally featuring heartfelt pipes, sweet harmonies, and uplifting choruses. This complete command over their craft really sets these North Dallas natives apart, resulting in the kind of record that grabs you at first listen and becomes more meaningful every time through.

Considered sonically, “Get Some” is a prototypical Elmont track through and through, replete with jangling guitars, carefully modulated, hyper polished  alt-rock production, and a cloud-clutching chorus so lush and melodic, it’s hard not to feel the yearning that afflicts the song.

Elmont is one of those rare bands that have burst through the radar to land into my very selective music collection. They are such an easy listen. There is a warm feeling behind their songs and a sense of melody and storytelling charm that is rarely seen in other bands in the genre, many of whom still practice ring-tone-ready music production.

Amidst all the regurgitated, formulaic and franchised nonsense in the music industry nowadays it is a joy to find rare gems like Elmont. Technically these young musicians have been releasing music that sounds mature, original, and sure-footed. These are clearly all products of a band that will be filling concert venues and playlists for years to come. “Get Some” was recorded and produced by Geoff Rockwell in Ft. Worth, Texas.


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