SplytSecond: “The SplytRugga Mix Tape” – tongue-twisting rap!

Heralded in underground chopper communities as the fastest rapper in Florida, SplytSecond has an international background and a 10 year passion for hip-hop music that includes a 9-track studio release titled; “PROJECT: Akuma”, which garnered almost 100K Spotify streams and an Independent Music Award nomination for best Rap Album, as well as over 1.2 Million YouTube views of his content. It also afforded him the supremely eloquent title of “The Lyrical Akuma”. Currently riding the crest of the wave, is SplytSecond’s 5 track project, “The SplytRugga Mix Tape”. There’s a certain aesthetical argument always lurking around and popping up in all genres of music. Fans on one side contend that musical technicality is more important than groove and lyrical craftsmanship. This argument often extends into the world of contemporary hip hop, with various famous rappers speeding up their styles to maintain relevancy and seek critical acclaim.

Regardless of where the game goes in the future, this argument will always pop up until the people on both sides of the producer’s table create the perfect balance between all the elements. SplytSecond’s latest effort, strikes that balance.

Striking the fine line between a barrage of words and intense jams, SplytSecond’s flow absolutely dominates this mixtape. The greatest surprise, as an extension, is the way that SplytSecond can inject himself into any style beat – bangers, slow jams, dark tunes – and then still infuse it with a heavy dose of melody.

This happens right out of the block with the opening track, “Blow You Away” ft. Beraud. This literally has some of the fastest verses I’ve heard in years and somehow in-between machine gun lyricism, the melodic hook doesn’t get lost in the maelstrom. It’s so damn groovy!

Unlike his contemporaries, SplytSecond’s creations don’t devolve into a mish-mash of half-baked ideas. Rather, the South Florida rapper’s methodical tone, seals the beats together into a flowing, cohesive whole. Clearly his 10 year experience on the mic plays a serious part.

Every song is extremely distinct, and offers something unique in its own right. “Nothing But Bars” showcases the rapper’s earthy, aggressive tone. SplytSecond is able to channel his emotions from his personal thoughts and experiences to create some hard-hitting music here. Fans of technically proficient, self-empowering hip-hop lyricism will love this.

SplytSecond kicks off “Florida Heat” in electrifying fashion with thick wafts of flaring synths, before igniting the track with his thunderous flow firmly entrenched in beast mode. In addition to sensational rhymes, the production is exceptional – dark and malicious, anchored by slick drum programming.

The hook is glorious considering its gritty sound. SplytSecond rhyme and lyrical delivery is more than just effective; it’s what often what moves the song along. “Ruminate”, thrusts the rapper’s lyrical ability into the spotlight, using the urgent and spacey beat, and the harmonic vocals as supports to push the song even further. The beauty of this song is that it captivates when focusing on both its aggressive or melodic nature.

As far as hell-raising séances go, “Xatisfied” is fueled by SplytSecond’s otherworldly flow and overwrought guttural delirium. The audio and lyrical onslaught will blow your speakers out of the water if you turn the volume up on this one.

It’s a brilliant display of aggressive lyrical mastery. Overall, “The SplytRugga Mix Tape” represents another milestone in SplytSecond’s career – a quintessential calling card for his tongue-twisting rap. SplytSecond hasn’t just created a sound, he’s creating his own supersonic world for fans to live in. You don’t have to like what he does, but you do have to respect it!


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