Lyndon Rivers: “Feel Alive” – inspiring drops, twists and turns

It’s hard not to repeat myself, but I also don’t know why I shouldn’t. If you have an opinion on something good, there’s no need to change it, unless that’s what he occasion calls for. I’ve listened to, and reviewed a lot of EDM and pop music, and Perth based English Songwriter-Producer, Lyndon Rivers, is at the top of my list. Most dance and pop is pretty shallow and formulaic; a heavy, mindless beat with a few riffs thrown in for some variety that’s appropriate for stoned people to thrash around to on the dance floor. Lyndon gives us danceable rhythms, but the music is also very listenable, with a challenging multi layered narrative that doesn’t insult the listener’s intelligence.

His latest single “Feel Alive”, features some of the most awe inspiring drops, twists and turns in the history of electronic music, set up to perfection with a beautiful soaring vocal. The track drops you off of a sonic cliff before launching into a prodigious palette of varied rhythms, and shimmering synth sounds.

Lyndon’s music is an uplifting, optimistic sound track that is a remedy for whatever ails you have. On every new release, Lyndon takes his music in a slightly different direction and is always able to deliver a strong musical effort. This producer has made immense strides in the last several months with some incredible tracks.

If you want to invest in an electronic music that will cover a lot of ground genre-wise and will light up a dance floor, Lyndon’s catalog definitely has it, hands down. The spectrum of electronic music genres in it is pretty large, with many of the songs representing the different EDM sub-genres very well.

From heavy electro house tracks to lighter progressive pieces and everything in between, Lyndon knows when and how to use vocals and chords perfectly. His recording archive flows so well that it can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what genre of electronic music they like or even if they don’t care for it at all.

“Feel Alive” is a significant addition to his catalog, as Lyndon doesn’t quite have an eclectic song like this in it. What starts off as a simple EDM/Pop crossover anthem, quickly changes into something else, then changes again…and again.

It’s almost like listening to three songs in one, as the entire sonic impact and musical atmosphere completely switches in a sudden stop and start fashion. Quite a few producers have been trying to take on this style, but few come close to doing it at the level that Lyndon executes here.

Why? It takes courage to completely change the structure, tempo and tone of a track in mid-song. Can you imagine the reaction from a crowded dancefloor? You’d either be seen as a genius or a complete asshole – so who would want to risk doing that for the sake of art? Lyndon Rivers, that’s who!

The result is a brilliant and beautifully disorienting track, as catchy as it is complex. Even within the most strobe-lit corners of the scene, there are signs that some up-and-coming producers want to do more than just coast from drop to drop. But they obviously don’t have a similarly mischievous sense of contrast that evidently Mr. Rivers has in bucket loads!


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