Tara Flanagan: “Tear Apart” – the star power and talent to be huge!

Rising pop and alternative contemporary artist Tara Flanagan follows up her brilliant, breakout single “Let Your Guard Down”, with another surefire trip of mesmerizing euphoria – “Tear Apart”, which confirms the promising starlet from Dorset in the South West of England’s continuing upward trajectory. This should take off rather well.  If it doesn’t, it’s a travesty, because this is contemporary popular music at its finest. The singer-songwriter of Irish/Filipino descent, once again showcases her stunning voice.  Her tone is distinct, and her vocal performance is so nuanced and well-rounded, it will raise goosebumps on the back of your neck. It is simply undeniable to speak of anything else then perfectionism of work here.

Music is a reflector of humanity, and our times are divided between those that want to love, and those that can’t, or just won’t. Tara Flanagan comfortably forms part the first category, while “Tear Apart” talks about those who divide themselves into the latter categories for some reason or other.

Tara approaches her lyrics like they are theories on love; she starts with a hypothesis, gathers her research, exposes the facts, and concludes whether or not her relationship lives up to the essence of her conception of it.

As a young woman and person, she is simply remarkable in her ability to perceive emotion and then translate it into song. Moreover Tara’s capacity to swirl resisting swag with devastating vulnerability, while swaying through “Tear Apart”, shows grace lies in an open heart, even when it is bleeding.

Armed with a versatile, piercingly pure voice, Tara imbues the song with detailed storytelling and gut-wrenching emotion that captures the downs of love and heartbreak. But Tara also has a bite to her, which is what first drew me to her music in the first place.

For every hint of heartbreak Tara exposes, her songs ultimately also teach us to double down on self-love, self-empowerment, and perfecting the art of moving forward, if we are to survive the disturbing moments of fragility in a doomed relationship. Hers are songs that lend themselves to being shouted out loud, to being memorized, to being replayed for months on end. In other words, they are soul-searching anthems.

Ultimately it’s Tara’s charismatic melody and vocal charm that makes “Tear Apart” so mesmerizing to the ears. Just the way the song enters in the beginning is so epically smooth and warm. It is instantly addicting, relatable and ultimately cathartic.

Tara has managed to channel the angst, heartache, and life lessons we all go through, falling in and out of love, and paired it with the hindsight that comes from experience. She isn’t one to compromise her needs and desires, as evident in the song. Tara Flanagan is a great artist. She is beautifully talented and she wears it with class. Her music is soulfully what we need today.

I might make the assumption that if Tara Flanagan keeps her ambitious momentum intact, regardless of any setbacks she may encounter along the way, she will have a lavish career in the music industry. Because that is what truly sets talented artists apart from successful artists – the will to overcome and conquer the naysayers and the inevitable negative obstacles. Tara has the star power and talent to be huge, a fact that will not be lost on those who manage to secure copies of “Tear Apart”.


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