EvilTwin: “F Perfect” – a track that rewards close listening

After his critically acclaimed 2017 single releases, “TechNoob” and “Mad Track”, the Croatian electronic music producer Stjepan Bolibruh, better known as EvilTwin, followed up with the Downtempo track “F Perfect”. Downtempo tracks are just what their name signifies. They are meant to emphasize less on the beat and give you more of a chill-out feeling. They are slower than most other genres that fall under the category of electronic dance music. When you are in the mood to listen to some complex beats that are still soothing and calming, EvilTwin is your bet with this track. Endlessly smooth and subtle while always refreshingly full and sensual on “F Perfect”, EvilTwin takes understated sound manipulation to an entirely new level in this music. It’s one of those tracks that immediately jumps into the heart and never leaves, plain and simple.

After a first listen, the days and nights spent fine-tuning the production is immediately evident. Polished and refined, yet still raw and conveying a deep conviction to the craft, “F Perfect” is an inspiration – to say the least.

Contemplative, haunting, and always compelling, EvilTwin’s mystical and surreal musical backdrop carrying the sensuous female spoken word, stands apart from the majority of today’s downtempo music. The ethereal keys meander along, weaving and intertwining with the busier percussion, to produce a cohesive sound.

Consistently atmospheric and percussive, almost eerie at times, the entire arrangement works together to create a profound example of electronic music. From flawless production quality to the actual groove and melodic motifs contained within, “F Perfect” is truly astonishing, yet extremely understated.

The track deserves to stand alongside the other downtempo tracks in your collection. Musically atmospheric and intensely cerebral, the Croatian producer crafts a cathartic, open space sound for your laid-back mindset to slot into.

Once you really dial in (or put your headphones on), “F Perfect” is a subtle panoply of rhythm, emotion and musical ideas. The track refines, delivers, and then melts away with a light touch. And therein lies its genius; it’s not full of cheap effects and it doesn’t betray its own nature, and so strikes that perfect balance of being memorable and addictive without being cloying or pretentious.

“F Perfect” is a deep chasm the listener can explore in both a literal or metaphoric sense. It’s a humming construction of sibilant sounds and glistening atmospherics, lightly dusted with hi-hat clicks and feather-light snare pops.

“F Perfect” gives off a warm, comforting vibe. The listener, by this point, has no hope of feeling anything but blissed out. This kind of blissful vibe is thoroughly infectious: the pastel musical palette and narcotic vocal haze are a potent combination. It’s a track that rewards close listening.

And if you listen closely on a nice pair of earbuds, you can catch the smart little touches that EvilTwin sneaks into the track. Someone this talented deserves the kind of space and time to move forward artistically. Here’s hoping he finds it in his upcoming album “Techno Breeya”, due out this year.

Find out more and follow EvilTwin on INSTAGRAM and watch his videos on YOUTUBE and download the music on ITUNES.

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