Jac0b: “Vibe” – infectious in all aspects!

Jac0b is 25 year old Swede from a small town called Växjö. He has always loved listening and playing music since was a child, and started creating music in 2009 and when his love for EDM started. He was inspired by Avicii mostly but also Kygo who put Tropical House on the map. Jac0b has just dropped his single, entitled “Vibe”. By all accounts, Jac0b is a really nice guy. Fittingly, this is a really nice track. It never makes you mad, it shows up when it says it will, and it’s there for you when you need it, and it’s melodically enrapturing. Fans and genre loyalists will find quite a bit to enjoy here. This track successfully sets the tone right from the start. With a dramatic and piano-driven orchestral-styled introduction, a classic build up and a head nodding drop, “Vibe” lays down a strong foundation for the distinctive melody to run across.

Jac0b reconstructs both a radio and big-room style rolled into one, with inspiration coming straight from the deep and tropical house realm. A beginning filled with suspense with thumping baseline at perfect intervals set as a background to the magical melody of “Vibe” shaping heavily into a beat which is exemplary of the much appreciated morphing of the house sub-genres.

Fat pianos, smooth yet kickass bassline, a successful metamorphosis of effects and the all too stunning guitar melody gives the track its thriving energy. The slow buildup is taken over by an insistent tempo giving birth to an essential in all electronic playlists.

If you’re looking for an emotional track that is also atmospheric and soothing, “Vibe” might be your calling. A blend of electro and guitar notes, pounding piano chords that highlight the catchy melody along with perfect timings for the dominant drops and beat, makes this track infectious in all aspects.

The track kicks off slowly and is immediately ruled by Jac0b’s gratifying production. Even though the track takes its own sweet time to reach its various climaxes, Jac0b’s experimentation with a couple of monstrous drops will leave listeners completely mind blown. He certainly doesn’t fail to impress.

“Vibe” ultimately results in an uplifting song that promises to be a strong candidate for airplay on worldwide radio stations as well as dance floors. You’ll instantly fall in love with the melody and how Jac0b’s drops bring the vibes of the song alive and how he energizes the arrangement with subtlety.

This song brings a great flow and rhythm that adds a special flavor to the production. Jac0b clearly knows how to do what he does. From the early days of techno, to the days of tropical house and everything in between, the EDM movement has matured drastically in its ability to crossover into a multitude of genres.

“Vibe” is the kind of electronic track that is able to illuminate almost any crowd. I recommend this track to anyone who enjoys various forms of EDM music or trying to discover a new artist. On “Vibe” Jac0b proves that he is proficient in the making of likeable electronic dance music, and he won’t be stopping anytime soon.


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