Cap’n Richie: “High & Higher Company Vol.2” ft. Odilia Carmen

Producer, writer and founder of his own label High & Higher Company, Richárd Richter a.k.a. Cap’n Richie, was born in Hungary, and currently lives in the Netherlands. He dropped three releases so far this year, including his latest “High & Higher Company Vol.2” with Odilia Carmen on vocals. As its title suggests, this third release is a dense work that completely envelops you. Blending electro sheen and drum n’ bass  grit, Cap’n Richie craft one hell of a banging experience, full of thundering beats, fuzzed-out synths and swarming vocals, right from the opening track, “Something Else”.  The three-son set has an addictive propulsive drive to it. Even on the somewhat softer, melodic “Woke Up On The Beach”, Cap’n Richie and Odilia Carmen maintain a tense, high energy focus that really keeps you anxious for more.

Riffs chug like pistons on “United Waves”, putting up a fight against the rumbling drum and bass focus of the towering anthem. The startling conclusion drops the harried rush away, leaving a dazzlingly beautiful blend of keys and harmonized vocals; showing that there is more to Cap’n Richie’s sound than the powder keg you first notice.

Fueled by a mesmerizing beat and pulsing melody “United Waves” is among the recording’s best tracks. The hyperactive march of synth and beat in the second part of the song, makes for a brilliant backdrop, as Carmen soars and twists her vocals around the rhythm.

Going back to the EP’s opener, “Something Else” – with perpetuating grooves and contagious drum rhythms, Cap’n Richie makes this tune insanely catchy and captivating to the ears. He manipulates and paints tone in extraordinary yet intense fashion. The sound and atmosphere swirls around in a cloud of anxious dynamics.

The song relies heavily on the strength of its peaks as the drumming is often bold and loud, prompting similar responses within the rest of the layers. The synths soars within its own fuzz, melodically leading the way for the vocals to swoon in. It’s haunting how well Odilia Carmen’s vocal phrasing matches with the schizophrenic instrumentation of the song.

I was most surprised by the final track, after hearing the first two cuts. As the song begins, the floaty melody naturally drifts into a weightless atmosphere and Carmen’s vocals infuses the arrangement with dark and ethereal intensity. As with any intense moment, reflection must occur, and musically this is seen with a change of dynamics and tone, which is what happens here

. Disassembling the parts to “High & Higher Company Vol.2” reveals both its true intentions and a coherent three-part journey. The set creates an experience in a way that capitalizes on the strengths of the music Cap’n Richie resides within, and together with Odilia Carmen they help you learn how to peel back these layers in omnifarious manners.

It’s hard to deny that “High & Higher Company Vol.2” is enjoyable as hell and will be extremely important in the context of Cap’n Richie’s career. It is certainly worth a recommendation, and more than one listen.



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