Minister Tee and Shachah Adonai: “I’m Listening” – a powerful witness!

The collective Minister Tee and Shachah Adonai was created 8 years ago by a collaboration of Christian music artists. The collaboration has brought the music that Minister Tee has written to life, is with its’ producer Aaron Monroe of LabRecords. LaTishia LaNier-Mckinnie (known as Minister Tee), is the founder and CEO of LaNier Vocal Direct which is a music school teaching voice, piano compositional writing and theoretical understanding. Minister Tee has 23 years of experience in the field of management in entertainment, program coordinating and vocal/piano coaching. She has performed in music halls such as the Lincoln Center, The Met Opera House, Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, Newark Symphony Hall and NJPAC, to name a few.

Minister Tee has also starred in many Gospel Music Theatrical Productions and has sung with well-known gospel artist such as Shirley Ceasar, Donald Malloy, Milton Biggham, Donald Lawrence, Shirley Murdock, Kurt Carr, Nancy Jackson, Natalie Wilson, ALFWC’s very own Bishop George C. Searight, Donald Dumpson of Jubilee Singers, and many others.

The group’s latest single, “I’m Listening” features none other than Minister Tee’s daughter, TaLishia LaNier, on the lead vocal. What a powerful witness, with energy and passion to spare. The entire track is uplifting, faith-affirming, and you will listen to it over and over.

TaLishia’s performance is amazing, as is the choral singing and overall vocal arrangement. One can feel TaLishia’s heart, passion and pursuit to worship God through every line. “I’m Listening” is that power song many always wait for on any gospel album they pick up. Filled with declaration, prayer and faith, you would leave this one playing in your living room for a long time.

TaLishia has a great big voice and what I love most about the music is its fearlessness in stepping beyond the boundaries, and taking the song to a younger generation. A soulful R&B styled voice, dripping with worship, draped over a subtle rock backdrop, lends itself smartly to wide audience.

The song roars in holy abandonment, soothing and encouraging with scripture-soaked words. It is replete with passionate, heart-tugging verses that instantly infuse the spirit. Minister Tee and Shachah Adonai showcase purity of heart; a singular, God-focused passion for ministry; and an unwavering commitment to musical excellence.

While there are still many Gospel artists who think they can get away with a poorly structured song and impromptu vocal rantings, “I’m Listening” takes no short cuts.  It tells the story of our redemption by listening out for God’s calling, with perspicuity. Without a doubt, “I’m Listening” is a deftly crafted song.

It is an authentic stream of worship from the heart. I would recommend this to anyone going through something, or needing an uplift. This is not just TaLishia LaNier singing a great worship song. This is Minister Tee and Shachah Adonai showcasing their ministry, their work, and their love. It takes you right into the presence of God.


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