125 And I Love You! – “Skeptiks” is an incredibly kinetic EP!

125 And I Love You is a Pop Punk band based out of Pewamo, Michigan. Founded in 2018 by Vocalist/Guitarist Trevor Thelen and Bassist Doug Fox the duo combine the attitude of old school Pop Punk with a modern twist. Their EP “Skeptiks” opens up with one of the standout tracks, “I Fall Apart”. After a great riff, which is a whole lot more interesting than the usual simplistic pop punk power chord progressions, a great song structure greets you and makes for a crunchy but melodic opener.

The vocals have variation in tone and delivery and the rhythm section works well. The rhythm section works well – the bass adds low end and drums keep the momentum urgent. The best thing is that this band knows how to write a tune. Oh, there are really cool guitar sounds too. Tasty stuff that display a perfect amount of technicality.

And if you’re worried about the angst, it creeps up on you in “Brooks Was Here”, which starts rather atmospherically with its jangling guitars and marching drums. The track then switches to epic-sounding before the vocals break loose into a manic fervor towards the end of the song.

Things heat up on the up-tempo “The Bar Song”, which is over before you can read the title. But it is the perfect intro into the sprawling “New World”, another standout track. Looking at the musicianship side everything here is top notch. The vocals are at the forefront of the song and they don’t disappoint.

The transition to chorus works flawlessly, and the chorus in itself is great. Catchy as hell. The song brims with energy and is instantly likeable. Rammed with emotion from head to toe it never lets up. “Roses For Grandpa” brings a surprise change in pace and tone, as it kicks in with lush and warm guitars, but as soon as the drums drop in, the track gains momentum and intensity.

It has a distinctive sound compared to the rest of the album. There’s also something about the guitar tones within the recording that add a new dynamic to the EP. This somehow gives a nostalgic sound from the mid-2000’s, yet is new and modernized within the 125 And I Love You context.

“Happy Here” continues to fuse together graceful elegance and unrestrained mayhem more seamlessly than ever. If only it was a couple of minutes longer! From the opener, to this, the closing track, “Skeptiks” is an incredibly kinetic EP, as it moves between diverse tones and tempos.

With this kind of talent and diversity on display, 125 And I Love You are well on their way to elevating their status. “Skeptiks” is an immersive, wildly enjoyable journey which expertly sews opposing sounds and contrasting expressions together like few other underground pop-punk bands have done in a while, and will hopefully propel them to the lofty success they desire.

If you want some energetic music with melodic vocals, and well written lyrics, which are carefully placed, then you should go out and pick this EP up!


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