Alexis is a shining beacon in an obscure pop and rock horizon

Alexis Gerred has performed in The West End, on National Television and on various Tours around the UK and Asia for over 10 years. The star of American Idiot, Our House and Dreamboats & Petticoats, will be launching his highly anticipated self-titled debut album “ALEXIS” via Power & Purpose records, on October 26th, followed by a prestigious launch party January 12th 2019 at the world renowned WATER RATS in London. The album is full of instrumental and melodic surprises. These songs will play on repeat in your head. You will quickly learn the lyrics and sing along to them. You will even feel the need to take a break from your everyday troubles to get up and move along to the rhythms. And you will find a few that speak to you on a deeper level. While many of these new tunes experiment with pop and rock elements, Alexis vocal abilities is what puts a signature on every piece and is at the forefront of this collection.

Alexis brings these songs to life regardless of what musical arrangement or instrumentation they are tied down to. At the end of the day, he is responsible for telling a story, generating a series of emotions, and keeping music fans as content as they possibly can be. And he takes control of these elements right from “Sweet Angel”, the opening track on the album.

Alexis’ high register vocal grit, is at times very reminiscent of Steve Perry, one of my all-time favorite rock singers, from the legendary band Journey. This is what made me instantly fall in love with his sound, and by the second, Adrenalin-pumping track, “Face The Crowd”, it was already a head over heels affair.

Alexis is a shining beacon in an obscure pop and rock horizon. A throwback to the 80’s and 90’s emphasis on powerful melodies and soaring choruses, he enables the listener to pick up on a nostalgic feel of tempos and rhythms while  incorporating many elements of modern pop and rock that will wow radio stations.

On “Hold You Close”, Alexis slides into the warm comfort of an acoustically driven ballad. It is a sumptuous and emotional experience as his voice bathes your ears in melodic and harmonic opulence. Alexis’ voice has a certain element of grit that provides a dichotomy between the rough yet polished vocal and the touching lyrics.

A total high energy stunner arrives with “Rule The World”, a duet sung with the stellar Danielle Steers – two voices that spell eargasm. This is the type of passionately vigorous song you would expect to be written by Jim Steinman and sung by Meatloaf. Except this is written and sung by the same man – Alexis, as is the case with all the songs on this album.

The contrasting styles of “Save Me” and “Don’t Let It Go” perfectly serve to display the emotion, timbre and full dynamic range of Alexis’ vocals. This allows respite for the gentle Americana-inspired duet “Home” with Live Austen. The melody generates a mystique to the hopeful lyrics regarding pushing past dark times and finding a place to belong.

Continuing the high energy of the album, “Road To Redemption” further displays Alexis evolution of sound across the album, before switching to the quieter piano-driven slow-burner “The Lucky Ones”, with another example of truly sublime vocals, and “No Ordinary Girl” – the Steve Perry-type tones resonating richer than ever.

As a note of interest: I’ve just listened to the latest Steve Perry comeback album, and even he cannot hold notes like these anymore. I think that says something for Alexis’ technical prowess, over and above his creative merits. This self-titled album is a wake-up call from a gifted singer-songwriter who will have a definite impact on the pop/rock genre.

There’s enough track diversity to keep you hooked from beginning to end and you will be enlightened by Alexis’ distinctive lyrical and vocal work, as well as his magnetic charm. Fan of the genre will devour “ALEXIS” without hesitation.


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