Infectious Rhythm: “Waves” is infectiously captivating

In an ocean of electronic music sameness there are not many artists and groups who can claim a distinct sound and original approach in their work. More often than not is not because of lack of talent or skill. There are many talented and accomplished musicians yet what elevates some above the rest often comes in the form of a few unexpected notes, an interesting tempo, inventive synth motifs, and sounds that are personal and captivating. Infectious Rhythm possess those qualities and much more. Infectious Rhythm is an independent electronic music producer that enjoys using retro and nostalgic sounds. His biggest inspirations for music came from LCD SoundSystem and Tame Impala. Without resorting to flashy pyrotechnics but staying committed to making music he has created gems that glisten, each one in its own unique way.

Running through his tracks on Spotify, I noticed that his music is wonderfully and intricately layered, the synth lines are fluid and immediate. There are many discoveries that surface with each listening experience. If Infectious Rhythm continues to write music at this level of creativity and inventiveness we’ll be rewarded with amazing music for years to come.

In the meantime we can savor his latest single “Waves”.  The harmonious melding of the ethereal keys and the rhythmic beat is difficult to ignore in a song that is designed to both capture attention and set moods. It is quite a dreamy and pensive piece that is vibrantly textured.

This artfully constructed piece is a great introduction of Infectious Rhythm’s composing skills. Notwithstanding the fully fleshed out sound, this is a delightfully intimate and minimalist track which is a beautiful demonstration of the amount that can be accomplished while keeping a song simple.

Infectious Rhythm is a master of taking the bombastic extroversion out of electronic music and bending all that remains inward, into something introspective, but yet dynamic. I would dare to guess that Infectious Rhythm is an observer in the most self-reflective sense, in that he contemplates and understands events, as a vehicle for better understanding himself, and translates that through music.

And yet “Waves” is also a soundscape that revels in the escapism and catharsis music can bring. It is music that can be someone’s escape from it all, bringing on moments when all worries melt away. It seems genius in its simplicity, the melding of electronic sounds and introspective sensibilities, a hybrid that is just waiting for someone to stumble upon it and lean in.

It’s also beautiful in its three minute brevity, with no overlong doodling. From the start it grows into something deeper, smarter, more comfortable, more intimate, and more cohesive. And before it becomes repetitive, it’s over. Infectious Rhythm finds the sonic chemistry and celebrates the joy of creating beautiful sounds in “Waves”. It’s infectiously captivating.


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