Pascal Stadelmann: “Hit It Then I Quit”- resonant pianos and slick, subtle drums

Pascal Stadelmann is a 19 year-old producer and artist from Zürich, Switzerland. Currently an IT man working in a bank Pascal is looking forward to working in the music business producing songs for others and performing his own tracks. Inspired by The Weeknd and Travis Scott, Pascal says that through his music he wants to give people an insight into his personality and who he is as an artist. His latest release is the track, “Hit It Then I Quit” ft. Fabian Beerly. The frothing SoundCloud movement that had grown from insular community to mainstream breeding ground in a matter of months has forged a new wave of young rappers like Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty, who have taken the industry and their peers by surprise. In some way Pascal Stadelman is a more laidback less emo version of the aforementioned artists. Hence he is more endearing to the ear.

Among the many appeals of Pascal post-verbal melodic style is the ability of his songs to be reshaped endlessly into new memetic forms, foregoing literal interpretation for the much more fertile soil.

The streaming era is a blessing and a curse; commercial success no longer requires consumers to exchange their hard-earned cash for a physical product.But for all but the largest artists a lightning-in-a-bottle smash single will yield far greater financial returns than the gradual cultivation of a dedicated fan-base.

Hence what the market needs is quick catchy tunes that will immediately capture audiences. Travis Scott, Migos, Future and Young Thug have got this new formula down to a tee.

Even Post Malone has found successful niche with his own broody melancholic verses. So what a surprise to hear a Swiss dude like Pascal Stadelmann develop his personal take on the new wave of urban music.

“Hit It Then I Quit” is a track that exemplifies the dichotomy in Pascal’s style. Is he a singer or a rapper? Pascal blurs the lines of distinction between the two. Why is this important? Because we hold rappers to a different standard lyrically than we do singers.

Pascal’s flow is very melodized, but often contains spurts of bars and rap like cadences. This record is great from the premise, to the production, to the lyrics, it has all the elements of an earworm. But without all the swaggering ans overtly nihilistic or misogynistic tropes.

Pascal Stadelmann’s use of resonant pianos and slick, subtle drum programming is the perfect fuel for his wistful voicings.  This creates an atmosphere for introspection and laid-back vibes. Detailing the newcomer grinding for what’s rightfully his, can also get listeners up and motivated.

“Hit It Then I Quit” ft. Fabian Beerly works on a number of levels. Whether it’s a turn up moment or being all up in the feels, the song resonates for a specific occasion. For hopeless romantics who are trappers at heart, this is their soundtrack.


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