EZPOWELL: “Every Face I See” – a treasure for the ear

EZPOWELL has been writing, recording and performing for three decades. The song “Every Face I See” was written in 2013, and has been recently re-recorded and remixed. Right off the cuff it is clear that you cannot go wrong with this track. It’s a great song that sound like it comes from a bygone era of outstanding music. Here the past is brought present, while looking into the future. Rock and singer-songwriter connoisseurs will appreciate the way this classic sounding track was put together.

“Every Face I See” is a reflection of what has been lying in the artist’s vault, a treasure for the ear, now let loose on the world. Its simple organic sounding instrumentation, pure vocals, and straightforward delivery is a masterclass in unpretentious composition and execution.

Adult contemporary listeners may feel an embrace of the familiar with the opening notes of “Every Face I See”. EZPOWELL’s voice is confident, self-assured and sweetly nuanced as delivers his romantic love ode. The sound of a strumming acoustic guitar, juxtaposed against the expanding percussion and warm keys.

This is a no-frills type of record that showcases substance over style. While many other artists of EZPOWELL’s generation have disappeared in the face of Rap and EDM, or were forced to modify their entire approach to singing and writing, EZPOWELL remains completely free of label pressure as an independent artist, and probably truer to his roots.

This honest attitude towards his music can truly be regarded as a gift in today’s chameleonic music business, and one that isn’t squandered on this occasion. EZPOWELL sounds plainly overjoyed to have stayed on the road he had been traveling down, while navigating into an exhilarating direction with the remixing of this song.

Quite honestly there just aren’t that many people who’ve been around three decades and writing up to the same level of viable music as EZPOWELL shows us here on “Every Face I See”. Love is a topic that has been covered millions times throughout the years, but when someone is a great songwriter and storyteller it always feels like the first time. This is a gift that EZPOWELL possesses.

Musically, the mood is warm and intimate, but there is an urgency which keeps things buoyant. “Every Face I See” has many facets and levels of deep introspective thoughts, but not in a depressive fashion. Just a blend of what was, what could have been, and what is, when you’re obsessed with someone you’re still in love with.

EZPOWELL invites the world into his soul and allows it to contemplate the loss and yearning along with him. That’s fitting, given the naked emotional quality of the tune as well as its relatable subject matter. Throughout, EZPOWELL exudes a warmth and sincerity that’s tangible and clearly genuine.

As an overall songwriter and storyteller, EZPOWELL’s myriad of artistic capability spans the spectrum, indicating that the artist is nowhere near finished making meaningful, emotive music, to touch the heart and stir the soul.



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