G Pea: “Fishin” – Insightful and philosophically poignant

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, G Pea is set to release his latest project, the “Glass House EP”. The artist, who likes to look outside the box when it comes to his music, embraces all genres with open arms. He described the EP as a narrative explaining his journey in life. Taken from the collective recording, comes the single called “Fishin”, which is specifically aimed at people trying to find their way while growing up.

“We’re never really certain of what we want to do in life, so as we get older we gravitate to people in hopes of learning new concepts, but may not be taken with open arms,” explains G Pea. “In these instances, you can either back down or stand tall to overcome challenges alone. I want to motivate people to take new ventures and reach new goals. Even if they have to do it alone,” he concludes.

When it comes to indie hip-hop and all its goodness, G Pea is another big reason you’re hearing it. He understands what people want to hear, turns it on its head and ends up creating something unique, fresh and oddly accessible that can be immediately identified as his own.

It’s always good practice to use art as a chance to look inward and examine the depths of your person, and as such help others understand themselves. This is a task G Pea executes effortlessly. When you think of indie hip-hop, this is type of rapper that represents the next generation of artists willing to spit reality instead of fantasy.

 Unabashed, uncensored and unwilling to conform to mainstream pop music tropes, G Pea succeeds mightily with “Fishin”. Sometimes folks are able to get what they want from life and sometimes they’re not. What matters more though, is that they proudly tried.

This message of cautious optimism rings loud and clear, thanks to the sonic clarity of G Pea’s verses. His easily decipherable flow and relatable rhyme scheme are almost defiant in their simplicity. It’s a different mentality from most rappers. It’s hard to imagine a hip-hop record coming out in 2018 that’s further removed from druggy, lurching trap beats.

This has a classic indie-rap sensibility. You get the sense that “Fishin” is a song G Pea has been turning over in his mind for months, if not years. It’s also a reminder he’s one of underground rap’s more capable storytellers.

In his verses G Pea expresses a fleshed-out mature perspective that’s rare in rap. His delivery retaining a certain honesty to it that makes it endearing. Insightful and philosophically poignant, this bears all the marks of substantial hip hop, and just what the industry needs right now.

On the production side, the lushly layered beat is warm and supple with tasteful percussion, leaving the optimal amount of space in the beat for G Pea’s verses. The importance of blending the sound and messages into a complete body of work that builds a striking and specific world, allowing listeners to feel part of the G Pea experience, is evident here.


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