Alen Vido: “Rock To This” boasts an exuberance that is contagious!

Alen Vido left Croatia as a refugee due to the civilian war in Yugoslavia, and went to live with his grandmother in Germany, where he grew up. He began to play music as a local DJ at an early age. On finishing school he joined the military after which time he started an IT Business Company. After the birth of his daughter, he sold the company and started spending tie with her, as well as producing music. His latest single is “Rock To This”. It boasts an exuberance that is seriously contagious to the listener. Striking a subtle balance between festival favorite and club-friendly, “Rock To This” uses a radiant mix of razor-sharp synths layered over rich, dutifully placed piano chord patterns and a thumping kick drum.

The track keeps it minimal for the first few bars, with just the piano riding the hand-clapping beat until the full weight of the kick drum sets in, which is later followed by the synth arps dropped into the mix alongside the white noise.

The subsequent mini break provides ear refreshment, preparing the listener for the imminent introduction of the breakdown melody. Alen Vido rebuilds the tension with a rising synth which stacks on top of the dancing piano motifs and the white noise swell, all still supported by the thumping bass drum rhythm.

After another calming mini break, the epic synth chords drop back in, along with a repeat of the key build-up from earlier. This is all stamped by a huge bass drum, swelling piano riffs and the synths which are steadily winding up the groove again.

If this all sounds easy, you’re right. On paper it is, in the studio it’s different. You’ve got to think all this stuff up and then put it together. Luckily Alen Vido knows his work, and his listening audience will take notice as this House beat is addicting.

Overall, “Rock To This” is quite eclectic and very well-crafted. It is an upbeat and uplifting tune that could easily be played at clubs and large festivals alike, as its arrangement is sheer bliss. The Croatian born producer seems to have the mastered the knack of making a track both distinct and impressive, with a minimum amount of instrumentation. It has a liberating vibe, and an addicting melody that makes it difficult to get out of your head.

Alen Vido epitomizes one of the best that contemporary house music has to offer, and the attention that he puts to the simplest musical details is quite remarkable, as he makes everything work well. This track is recommended for all fans of house and electronic music. It certainly garners an A rating in my book.


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