Roc O Star – A Strong desire to succeed!

Roc O Star’s music is rock with soul and a splash of hip-hop. This untapped lane is what sets him apart from many artists today. It affords him the opportunity to be a global and worldwide star. In addition to the songs, he uses great visuals in his videos to help convey messages of change, hope, despair and inspirations, as told through the backdrop of his personal life experiences.

With a strong desire to succeed, Roc O Star is quickly building a reputation as an artist who can merge rock, soul and street level realism with a honesty that will afford him the ability to solidify a fan base that may last well beyond this current age of fast-fading in a twinkling of an eye gratification within the music industry. Not one to be pretentious with all the gaudy trappings as in most videos, Roc O Star distances himself from being fake, but would rather express messages that will serve as an inspiration in helping others to learn from his mistakes.

In the finality of it all, he evinces that “There is no happy ending to hustling!” He makes music that normal everyday people can relate to. Roc O Star goes on to say: “I fight for the little guy. There are hundreds of millions of me out there that do what they have to do to put food on table.” Roc O Star has had features with Smash Mouth’s Drummer, Randy Cooke, Fishbone’s Guitar Player. Spacey T. and many more.


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