Maryann Connolly: “Roll The Dice” – modern day cutting edge pop!

Maryann Connolly is a singer, songwriter and model who also enjoys acting. She can be heard on her single “Roll The Dice”, which is a tongue in cheek look at finding and falling in love with the right person. And how that experience can be compared to the rolling of the dice. This is a fun and enormously satisfying listen for anyone who likes modern day cutting edge pop music, but Connolly is so much more – as she mixes in flavors of electronic and alt rock. She has grasped the art of the ear worm. Her melodic hooks work their way into your brain and stick, and you’ll find yourself singing bits of her song in your head all day long.

As I listened to the “Roll The Dice” for the first time, I found myself smiling multiple times. She has an impish quality to her writing that lifts your spirits, as she forges her musical and lyrical skill as well as her girl-next-door, post-­millennial sass. Right throughout the track, you can’t miss this young artist’s performance tool-set, with melodic and rhythmic hooks, turns of phrase and her fluid, flexible voice.

With its driving beat, repeatable hook and layered instrumentation, it gets to the stage where you have to admit to yourself that however you feel about this single, it is actually extraordinarily catchy. And yes, the production is another one of the single’s main strengths.

Creating a record that feels current for the 21st Century is no easy feat in an ever evolving and highly competitive market, but Maryann Connolly and her production crew pull it off with style and finesse.

In today’s over saturated landscape of Disney stars-turned-divas and marketing machines disguised as pop princesses, Maryann Connolly seemingly comes from out of nowhere – and she’s best when she’s smart and brimming with girl power.

“Roll The Dice” will strike a struck a chord with people the world over – and why wouldn’t it, she does have a point. With the track already playing on replay in my head, I don’t think it will have any trouble in finding a bigger audience for Connolly around the world.

If we get that same energy and spark that the she has been able to achieve on “Roll The Dice”, I think we may be heading down the path of a potential chart topping tune. The distinctive and certainly unique element that struck out to me from the beginning with Maryann Connolly was her lively, graceful vocals. It strikes the perfect balance juxtaposed between the rich, warm sound of the acoustic guitars and the shimmering club-land synths quite beautifully.

Sometimes the best artists in the music industry are the ones that don’t immediately stand out in the mainstream or simply haven’t garnered enough steam yet, or the ones with the most promise and potential. Maryann Connolly falls into the latter category. Give “Roll The Dice” a spin, and checkout the visual on YouTube.


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