GOTCHI – “Headlights” – steady, impacting and mood-inducing

In 2018, Canadian rapper GOTCHI burst onto the music scene with his smash single, “Headlights”. The track was featured on his debut album, which went viral, affording him a massive boost in terms of followers. He is preparing to top that success with his second album, aptly called “Vo.2”, which will be released in March 2019. While during February he will drop yet another new single, entitled “City Knows”.  GOTCHI gives it his all in “Headlights”, delivering fiery verses full of thankfulness, passion, and even anger.

He makes sure the album grabs you from the start, and what better way to introduce it than with titular track. Straight out of the cinematic intro, it brings the actual musical content to a big start with a strong beat that follows. This is where GOTCHI really starts taking off, his dynamic flow, steady, impacting and mood-inducing.

This lead track shows where GOTCHI really shines, bringing his dynamic, lyrical, and creative sides all together for one atmospheric jam of a song. Most outsiders of the music industry only see artists blowing up overnight but do not fully see the story behind the songs and the hard work that artists and bands go through just trying to make a name for themselves. GOTCHI embodies all of those qualities in this song.

This song keeps your head bopping with relatable lyrics for people that work hard doing what they do, despite those who doubt them. Lyrically speaking, it is highly consistent as you’re treated to highly flavored storytelling.

It is the perfect pedestal for the rapper to pedal his wares, because it offers nothing besides what real rap fans always clamor for; a patented faultless delivery, a creative, lusciously layered beat, and an emotional vibe.

The truth is, GOTCHI’s kills it. His lyricism is insightful, and his flow, with its ability to ride virtually any rhythm gives him an aesthetically pleasing edge over many of his contemporaries. In fact, his true colors come shining through on “Headlights”.

This means GOTCHI doesn’t just elevate himself a little bit, he truly ascends himself to more elite company in the business. He’s a versatile, creative rapper with a palette of strengths and technical savvy, which can be verified throughout the album, where he doesn’t miss a beat.

GOTCHI has expanded his rap palate, honing his array of strengths and technical skills. Hence on “Headlights”, he unsurprisingly delivers an encore performance that builds on this formula, while the production is complementary at every turn.

Another factor to what makes this such a great track is that GOTCHI is not afraid to get personal, or to be outspoken with his views. This record is a great look at who GOTCHI is…and all that he can still be along the road ahead. Considering all the open-hearted honesty he puts into this track, you cannot help but root for him.


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