DeadEyeChokeHold: “Rabbit Hole” – the tension between darkness and light

Many of you might have heard of the alternative rap project, 3MIND BLIGHT, who has often been featured on our blogs and magazines. The mastermind behind that project, is also the creator of the grunge and rock enterprise, DeadEyeChokeHold. This latter project recently dropped the track, “Rabbit Hole”. The track starts off on an eerie but melodic note. It contains a rich level of songwriting that draws from softer tones to create a song that is both heavy and brimming with expression and depth. It is fueled by a dark soundscape and ominous vocals that seem like something slithering out of the sewer on a stormy night. The song is further developed with a haunting bridge that blends acoustic chords with a thick wave of strings weaving their way into the harmonizing vocals. “Rabbit Hole” is a masterpiece of modern songwriting that brings grunge into today’s musical climate.

“Rabbit Hole” is a song that rests on the beauty and haunting nature of the Tulsa Oklahoma singer’s vocal lines that are simply stirring. Overflowing with a sense of menace, DeadEyeChokeHold traverses an eerie and open verse followed by an emotionally heavy chorus – anchored by a sense of melancholy and anger – making for an exceptional conclusion.

This is a record that sounds as hungry and ambitious as grunge initially did in the nineties. The band has cultivated an utterly pulverizing sound, erupting with moody but sky-scraping vocals and wordless harmonies big enough to rattle the walls of a stadium.

At its essence, “Rabbit Hole” sounds like an expansive exploration of the tension between darkness and light. Ambition abounds, not in volume or ferocity but in a sense of subtlety and restraint. From top to bottom, the track showcases masterful atmospherics and inspired lyricism.

The song is a great example of a project that knows its strengths- and most of the time- can play to them very, very well. Wicked, haunting vocals, great harmonic interplay and fantastic instrumental work aside, if that’s not your cup of tea, it just isn’t. And that’s fine. But you cannot deny the intrinsic quality of it all.

On the other hand if the moody pensive tones of grunge grab you, then you will love this effort. DeadEyeChokeHold don’t bow to modern day views on what mainstream music looks and sounds like. By comparison, “Rabbit Hole” is leaner, deeper, more focused and most of all, because of all of this, a much stronger song than what most rock radio stations are playing now.

DeadEyeChokeHold deserve to be commended for the mastery of his craft and his passion to not water down his music. One thing this project also succeeds at more than most of its contemporaries is creating a mood with its music.

DeadEyeChokeHold songs aren’t just songs. They are living, breathing beings. “Rabbit Hole” is a shining example of this. You don’t just hear the vocals- you feel them. The impassioned yearning of the lead vocals hit the spot on this burner.

The track is also a great juxtaposition to a lot of the other aggressive, in your face grunge rock. Instead of relying on crushing guitars “Rabbit Hole” relies more on the simplicity of acoustic-driven alternative rock garnished with a big helping of resonant strings. In 2019 and with the state of rock as we know it today, it’s a wonderful addition to the genre.


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