C.Lacy is what R&B music should be all about!

Born in Dallas, but raised in East TX, C.Lacy is a singer-songwriter whose influences range from Jagged Edge, and Donnell Jones, to Tank, Usher, Bobby Valentino and Eric Bellinger. Currently he has his self-titled debut EP available on all major digital download stores. C.Lacy is a singer’s singer, something that the industry seems unwilling to support in the same way it has in the past. He is pretty much one of the few modern R&B singers of his generation recording classic sounding R&B in an era of diminishing sales and rampant crossover hybrids of the genre.

That doesn’t mean C.Lacy is not tuned to the current trends, on the contrary. One listen to the hip-hop flavors of “I’m on the Way 2.0”, featuring Propertherapper, makes it clear that he is right in there with the edgy urban crowd. The difference is in C.Lacy’s vocal deliveries.

His phrasing and tones are pure classic silk, and when he wants to forge trend-treading deliveries, he is extremely capable, as the song “She’s Bad”, so ably testifies. The thing I like about C.Lacy’s songs is how they walk a finely modulated balance between sentiment and emotion.

Listen to how he smoothly rolls these elements out across “Proved Your Point”. It’s this mature sound within a youthful package that makes C.Lacy the voice for the new generation. However, good as these aforementioned three songs are, “I Love Ya” stands head and shoulders above them.

The story of a guy finding his way to his woman’s heart holds the romantic maturity needed to fit in with the whole package. It’s got a gentle yet catchy melody that will be great for the radio come summer time. The song really showcases why C.Lacy should be in a class of his own amongst the men of R&B at the moment.

“I Love Ya” is an enchanting and thoroughly produced piece where C.Lacy expresses the true meaning of his love for his lady. The song is probably C.Lacy most heartfelt among this collection, maintaining his usual emotion while offering a more impassioned grip on the lyricism. It flows well, is an easy listen and has that great balance of meaningful lyrics coupled with a nicely produced beat and melody.

“Worth It” ft. Musa Major closes the show down with another slow burner dressed in a production beat that knocks. It’s a great song with charismatic vocals. What’s enjoyable about this album is the fact that nothing is ever predictable.

C.Lacy is willing to break the boundaries and try things that are new, but ultimately what R&B music should be all about. And that’s what happens on “Worth It” – a modern urban beat, some urgent rapped verses, and that mellifluous soulful voice that take us on an emotional journey. Undoubtedly, this debut album will take C.Lacy many steps ahead in gaining some much deserved recognition.

Oddly this album was released during November of 2018, and somehow got lost on my radar, in the end of year shuffle. Now, the current promotion of the track “I Love Ya”, may just rekindle renewed interest for the entire package. It certainly got me sitting up and taking note!


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