Infuse: “3m in a 3m” – a fantastic journey across interesting ambience

Infuse is an electronic and dance music producer who is inspired by his environment and realizes his messages through arrangements that are both harmonious and melodic. His latest track is “3m in a 3m”, which like many of his previous releases, blends elements of ambient soundscapes and experimentation into the mix. On this track, Infuse throws everything together to form a melting pot of sounds and music. This is electronic chill, groove, dance, ambient music all in one tune. It is well written, produced and extremely well mixed. One catches their breath when Infuse lets you catch your breath. Beautiful, smart segues between tone changes enhance the track all through its, almost seven minute duration.

The natural ebbs and flows of the ever-morphing soup of textures, samples and motifs becomes, slowly but steadily, more hypnotizing as the track gains momentum. Conscientiously original and removed from any stifling dance genre label, “3m in a 3m” sees Infuse trip across the synth world in a brave search whilst placing experimentation and creativity, ahead of predictability.

Across its breadth, the song takes you on a fantastic journey across interesting ambience, dance and, in moments, slowed trip-hop sounds. Somewhere in the middle of the song, he beat picks you up with the promise of placing you on the dance-floor, and then pulls the rug out from under you, this is original and difficult to predict at the beginning of the song.

Initially, “3m in a 3m”, has a drifty and spacey sense of ambient groove which pervades the proceedings. It’s a pointedly diverse soundscape that is consistently bolstered by the Infuse’s ability to slip freely between sounds and tonal zones, each buoyed by a boundless approach to sampling, writing and production.

Although Infuse inserts beautifully faint pulsing beats into track, it’s the producer’s tendencies to focus on formless melodies and natural flourishes which impress. Standout moments also demonstrate a more developed and autumnal use of space, noise and effects.

But what makes this artistic stretch so fascinating is just how eclectic and resourceful the electro-ambient elements in this song are. The hypnotic, pulsing vibe of the Infuse’s music takes the ambient aesthetic and applies finely tuned doses of experimentation.

While the track meanders through its varying incarnations, Infuse makes sure the song remains accessible, by keeping a faint hint of percussion or a central motif that always finds its way around the arrangement.

The track moves through minimalist passages, sultry rhythmic movements, and deeply textured bars that will leave the listener on the edge of his or her chair; there’s a palpable sense of something coming, whether it ultimately shows up or not, is wholly beside the point. As is so often the case with engaging experiences, it’s the journey, not the destination that counts.

A modern chillwave aesthetic is at work here; and though Infuse is described as an ‘electronic and dance music producer’, “3m in a 3m” is a listening record more than one designed for dancing. And in these furiously stressful times, that’s not a bad thing at all!


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