Onicks: “Take Me Now” grabs you from the opening bars!

“Take Me Now” is the kind of track you sing along to even before you know all of the words, and feel along to as well.  The singing on this tracks is a little world-weary too, and you can hear that Onicks means every last word he sings about. The singer has evolved since his previous releases – the vibe is the same, but the person behind the song has seen a few things. He’s loved. He’s lived. But he’s not going anywhere just yet, preferring to relate his feelings and experiences to us first hand. The pure pop pulsation suits Onicks’ peculiar pipes — the jutted-jaw pout, the texture he weaves into his more insistent notes — which, in turn, carries the weight of the composition. This kind of beautiful dichotomy is pop’s favorite way to designate depth.

“Take Me Now” is perfectly suited for the end of the party or watching the sun go down on the beach, with its ultra-pop roots and sophisticated electronic sound. Full of great emotion, a distinct swagger and catchiness, this marks one of the year’s most attractive songs.

Loaded with lust, Onicks crooning vocals oozes sensuality, while the tight instrumentation keeps things driving forward. He has clearly found a sound that works for him and he’s totally owning it. The confessional intimacy that Onicks displays on this track is perfectly balanced with its radio friendly production.

The song seems therapeutic and leaves the listener feeling like they have listened to something special and taken a journey with the singer. Onicks’ vulnerability and honesty on this song, is incomparable to anything he has done before.

Here Onicks has given us an intimate look into his personal feelings and found his own sound. His “Manimal” days now seem far behind him as he continues to grow and mature before our eyes. This track is proof of this maturation, and Onicks does not disappoint.

Onicks’ enticing and smooth vocals are laid perfectly over the superbly produced beat, which draws you in with its ominous bass lines and trap-inspired drums. This mid-tempo song has a dark and intriguing vibe that makes you want to get down on the dancefloor and sway your way into the arms of a good-looking stranger.

The song has a sulky underbelly due to the melodic string notes, but the lyrics tell a naughtier story: “I can see myself in your baby. Can we just fuck like now, like crazy? Take me now.” The higher register of Onicks vocals subtly flow with some seriously suggestive lyrics, in a song that has a perfectly catchy chorus and the right amount of sex appeal.

The tune’s quivering synths and pulsating snare drums also heighten its theme of an electrifying liaison. While it displays Onicks in complete honesty, the emotional depth of the record goes way beyond any seeming limits. It grabs you from the opening bars, and makes you hold on to your seat to hear what the rest of the track could entail.


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