Ohanko: “Tranquil” – a stellar chill-out track!

Ohanko is a 22 year old music artist and filmmaker from Girona, Catalonia. He has been producing music for about 4 years and is also in a surf punk band. “Tranquil” is the first single and video on his YouTube channel. He filmed and edited the visual himself after shooting material on a skate tour through Europe in a van. Ohanko comes across as a person with a positive attitude, and he even states it in the opening lyrics of the song:

“I am tranquil (calm, quiet, peaceful, chilling). I am tranquil not a 100% but a 1000%.” Wow, considering the times we are living in, that takes a lot of courage, commitment and self-assurance, as well as a focused sense of your values in life. Clearly something Ohanko has in bucket loads!

In the song he mentions that he enjoys life’s struggles and doesn’t get overly stressed by things. He goes on to say that we want an easy life, but it is difficult to achieve, so we just go with the flow. And then caps it all with an eloquent verse which explains his self-determination:

“So leave me with my friends. We don’t want any money. We don’t want to be like everyone else. We just want more time to live the moment, and until now we’re doing it ok, doing it pretty well. My mind is free.” This track, sung entirely in Catalan, has such a sweet, uplifting and smart vibe to it, every time I hear it I love it more.

The quality of the recording, as well as the comforting tone of voice Ohanko uses to sing, along with some simple but great instrumental work, makes for a stellar chill-out track. The lyrics are clean and unmarked with the usual lewd or hateful language that peppers modern day music.

This is a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable recording. I also love it when artists aren’t afraid to take chances, by stepping out of the mainstream mold, and into their very own lanes. Ohanko departs from the typical radio or club sound so much in vogue today. Instead he goes for a more eclectic sound canvas, without the beat losing its head-nodding groove.

Ohanko’s easy, relaxed style makes great music for just about any situation – you can shake along to the bouncy beat, or just lie back and chill to the good vibes. It’s a refreshing sound versus the same commercialized stuff that the radio plays over and over again.

A beautifully simple melody and handclapping rhythm, plus a fabulous bassline allows Ohanko to close off his narrative rather optimistically: “I don’t want lies in my life I want to live with honesty and truth. The flame of life burn slowly but intensely. I want to wake up every day with a smile on my face and if today I’m sad, tomorrow I’ll be ok. I’ll be ok!”

Easy on the ear and pleasing to the soul, it’s hard to find fault with Ohanko’s premise!


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