Dawn Duchess: “Take No Loss” (Prod. by JuanInstrumentals) fresh out of the oven!

Dawn Duchess is a southern femcee on the rise.  Born in Sacremento, California, the only child to a Military family who relocated to Europe. She spent all her childhood and some early adult years in a small town in Germany. Duchess picked up the pen and began to use her imagination as a way to escape reality, after her parents separated. Years after graduating from High School in Kaiserslautern, Germany Duchess decided to relocate in order to go to college. After a few years of moving around she settled in Savannah, GA, where she attended College with plans of majoring in English Communications and minoring in creative writing. By 2010 she dropped her 1st mixtape, and many more followed in the ensuing years.

With her YouTube subscriber list growing and a new single “Take No Loss” (Prod. by JuanInstrumentals) fresh out of the oven, Dawn Duchess is ready to ride her wave. I really fell for this girl after seeing her interview about her official video for another upcoming track.

She is so real and down to earth and for that reason I’m rooting for her. Of course it helps that she’s good at her craft. Her dynamic personality combined with clever lyricism, stellar production and smooth delivery, makes for an addictive rap experience.

“Take No Loss” is an appropriate title as the track is an authentic and raw, intimate story of motivational inspiration. If Dawn Duchess wanted her presence known and to be felt, then this song offers just that. From the first second, the beat, which is produced by JuanInstrumentals captivates you.

There is an undeniable expression and controlled energy spewing from Duchess that can be felt as she takes you out of your element and paints the picture of her world. Her sheer focus manifests in what is almost a laidback conversational flow.

It’s an inescapable vortex of slow-burning magnetism and the document of a female creative on the come up. It’s also an indication of how her cadences have truly become hypnotic, intricately crafted, and patiently rhythmic. Her raw talent is undeniable, and her ear for picking beats, is just as impressive.

In a genre currently crowded with trap rap, the chances of becoming a mainstay on the charts are becoming slimmer. She knows her road to fame will be an uphill battle, but against the odds, she has what it takes to make an impression. All of the elements that made her songs stick in the minds of many is presented in spades on “Take No Loss” (Prod. by JuanInstrumentals).

So Dawn Duchess may still be finding her way to the top tier, but in a way that maybe only a handful of female artists have accomplished this decade. She knows how to catch and hold attention. Whether it be her one-of-a-kind presence, infectious energy or even her never-ending supply of relatable tales, she is the kind of artist that audiences will want to keep around, and right now it feels like she could achieve anything.

OFFICIAL LINKS: SOUNDCLOUDYOUTUBE – Booking: DawnDuchess@gmail.com

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