Noah Taylor: “Merida” – an artist ready to stake his claim!

17-year-old Noah Taylor is a singer, songwriter, and music producer who began writing at a very young age and has penned, produced, and mixed songs for an array of other artists. His debut album, “The World & All Its Wonders” is set to be released mid-2019 with several singles preceding it. One of the singles is “Merida”, a song Noah wrote while travelling through Mexico, and staying in the city of the same name. The track takes on Central and South American influences in its production, which also includes the use of the steel drum. On first listening Noah Taylor comes across as a true, down-to-earth natural artist, who loves what he does.

The song draws a picture of not just a boy with aspirations, but also of an artist ready to stake his claim on the music industry. The way Noah sings every word in the song is captivating, and enchantingly honest.

“Merida” is a light and rhythmic pop song about the beauty of falling in love with a city, and possibly the emotional impact of having a significant other living there: “Merida, my brightest light, I’ll chase you now day or night. Merida, when you feel tired, I’ll wrap you up in lullabies. I’ll send a hurricane of heart my love if you ever feel alone in this life. Merida, my brightest light, I could build a home inside your eyes. I miss you.”

The track pairs crystal clear acoustics, with the dynamic between the narrative and Noah’s voice, to strike an emotional chord. Noah’s polished vocal is as smooth as silk and encapsulates an out-of-this-world experience.

From the opening grab of the intro, Noah Taylor has you immediately drawn into the pulsating production of the verses before rolling into that luscious chorus that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Noah’s persona on this track is both thoughtful and introspective, with a well-defined air of sophistication – something lacking in many of his contemporaries, who to prefer to overwhelm and crush the listeners senses. Noah is more inclined to seduce and captivate with his smooth melody and accomplished sound. Overall, “Merida” should not go unnoticed in the pop music world.

Just in time for the summer – depending on which side of the globe you’re on, “Merida” is meant to radiate over the airwaves and make a lasting impression on fans. This track shows Noah Taylor is not playing around. It’s soulful, powerful and familiar, all at once – the makings of a hit track.

Not only are the lyrics and topic discussed in this track sincerely authentic, the music also brings listeners into a world of soothing melodies and punctuated rhythms. Noah Taylor is a little bit of everything rolled into a young, vibrant and ambitious package – one many young pop lovers can get behind. This is the type of artist that resonates with young generations across the world.


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