Supremee Jayy: “FENDI” continues the evolution of hip-hop

Supremee Jayy is an alternative hip-hop artist and music producer, born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn. His latest endeavor, is the single “FENDI” produced by Fijidaproducer. Like many successful artists before him, Jayy has figured out his strengths and weaknesses. He never does what’s expected of him, but does what makes him happy. This is what gives his music a diverse flavor. The combination of bottled passion and efficiency spreads itself evenly through his track list. For those who have grown weary of the recycled radio fare, “FENDI” is the answer. Supremee Jayy will take you on a sonic tour of his psyche, replete with profound thoughts, zingers directed at the superficial and judgmental, and even his lighthearted musings. Those who prefer mediocracy and ignorance are not welcome here.

Musically, Supremee Jayy has crafted a journey of narrative highs and lows. He has accomplished the ability to truly engage the listener by delivering rap that beautifully intertwines musically and lyrically – a feat that is often attempted, but rarely successful these days.

I looked up Jayy’s catalog of personal works and realized he is making music for people like me. He’s simply real. He speaks from the heart and doesn’t sugarcoat things which is one of the things that I love about his tracks. Listening to a Supremme Jayy track is like watching a Tarantino movie, every time you watch it, you notice something new that is just so smartly done.

To be a captivating rapper I believe you need to have a few things. First off, you need to be clever and have a good command of wordplay, and maybe not take yourself too seriously. You also need to have a technically competent flow, and an appealing, distinctive voice.

Beats obviously, are not to be underestimated. To say “FENDI” has all these elements is an understatement. Simply because Supremee Jayy brings in that wildcard called creativity – both in the beat and in his flow – which ultimately, and completely separates him from the regular pack. Gone are the idiotic lyrics, screamed over and over, with no cleverness at all.

This track continues the evolution of hip-hop into new unexplored territories. It takes time to adjust to Supremee Jayy’s conversational style, and the stop-start minimal beat on “FENDI”, because it’s so different, but after listening for a while it really grows on you, and you’ll be hooked.

This is one of the best rap singles I’ve heard this year. I like what Supremee Jayy brings to the table, he is sharp and focused with his lyrics, sometimes leaving you there to think about what he just said, which is what I look for in a song. I like music to not only sound good, but also tell a story, or make you think.

Words don’t seem to be able to grasp the talent of Supremee Jayy. “FENDI”, along with many of his other releases, are nothing short of game changing. If you are a fan of rap in the slightest, this is a must have. If only just to wipe that horrible mainstream rap taste from your mouth!


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