Acidic Base – ‘Dawn’ brings its own twist to the genre!

Siddharth Goswami (Sid) started taking piano lessons from a local music store at around the age of 6, and then expanded his skills by enrolling and taking classical piano classes at the Music Institute of Chicago. Influenced early on by the likes of Elton John, Billy Joel, and Coldplay, he showed a natural songwriting ability and confidence as a musician. Sid’s craving for musical enrichment led him to also acquire skills with stringed instruments – first taking up the violin in the school orchestra, and later getting an electric guitar, which he learned by ear following the likes of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and also Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. In 2011 he conquered his next attraction – electronic music, which he had started frequenting a year earlier. Sid, under the moniker of Acidic Base, released his debut album – a compilation of electronic tracks – entitled ‘Purple Skies’ to rave reviews.

All of which shows off a fervent passion for his craft, a focused sense of determination, and an impressive series of achievements and artistic growth for any musician. But when you’re a 12-year-old musician (currently in the 8th grade), like Siddharth Goswami of Acidic Base is, then the sensation of what he has accomplished thus far, is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Chicago’s Acidic Base has now released the single ‘Dawn’, which is the follow-up to his debut album. And the progressive house track amply showcases Sid’s musical toolkit. Typically, progressive house tracks are powerful upbeat records of soaring pianos and devilishly heavy bass lines, but Acidic Base brings his own twist to the genre.

Music changes, mutates and grows, and what better way to refresh a sound than have it done by a young prodigy? So Sid takes the genre-specific approach of driving and dominating basslines, funky percussion and trancey melodies, and maintains the same pumping, big room sound akin to progressive house at the turn of the century, albeit with a cleaner, deeper and more polished tech-sheen.

Sid more than knows his way around an electronic mix and a musical arrangement. The phrase “been taken on a journey” is definitely applicable over the duration of this track, as Acidic Base leads us through his instrumental narrative.

There is no doubt that the Chicago mastermind Siddharth Goswami has cooked up something special in the studio ‘Dawn’, and his new production will certainly earn plenty of attention. In true progressive fashion, ‘Dawn’ starts off under a mellow aura, and then builds into uplifting motif that carries an energetic character throughout.

With an undeniable charm, the shimmering keys retain both warmth and welcoming vibes as the beat drives a true summer feeling tone underneath. Enticing you in to feel the rhythm and groove, the zesty nature of the track well get you up on your feet and dancing no matter where you are. Even though, to be fair, this is a track you could exclusively listen to on your headphones with equal ease.

This tune really shows how much a simple, but well thought-out chord progression can do to a song. Sid’s attention to detail with this production is incredible, and he has a knack at taking your mind on a beautiful trip every time you press play. Siddharth Goswami has one foot planted in all the right influences from the past, and the other steps on solid modern ground. The future belongs to Acidic Base!


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