“COCO BROWN” (Remix) by Raven Salve’ – killer chops, a fiery charisma, and a distinct style

Pensacola, Florida native Raven Salve’, born Ebony D Weatherspoon, started to enjoy music around the age of five. A natural musician, Raven started playing the Clarinet around the age of 12, the piano at the age of 13 and also started taking voice lessons at 13. Although she knew since the age of five that she wanted a career in music, it wasn’t until five years ago that she started pursuing music professionally. To date, Raven has released two albums, her latest, “Metamorphosis The Transformation”, hosts her impressive single “COCO BROWN” (Remix). But Raven Salve’ is more than just a singer-songwriter. She also launched the non-profit organization, Women Against Rape & Domestic Violence Inc (WAR&DV) in 2014. The goal and mission of WAR&DV is to support organizations that are already established and equipped to provide shelter and services to families on a year-round basis.

My perception of Raven Salve’ from running through her catalog, is that of an artist who is very comfortable in her skin. Raven Salve’ is a formidable R&B and Soul vocalist, who can bring a deeply effective message to any song she sings. Not only is she beautiful to look at, but her presentation is embracing. Raven is comfortable and confident with propulsive, powerful and mature vocals that appear to come from another time.

Her smoky vocals are distinct from what is heard on radio today, and she never tries to “dumb it down” in pursuit of crossover appeal. Raven is a soul singer who can sing about good old fashioned love, and has no problem cutting off a man who is unwilling or unable to match her in every department. Yet she also has no problem in celebrating a man who matches her standards.

Which is exactly what she does on “COCO BROWN” (Remix). A track that honors men who are strong, hardworking, independent and intelligent. The layered arrangement gives Raven ample space to showcase her range and flare for the dramatic on a groovy tune that finds her willing to pledge her love and devotion to the right man.

She has exactly everything I need and expect from an underrated R&B queen: killer chops, a fiery charisma, and a distinct style that makes her stand out among other deities that compete in the same realm. Raven’s distinct brand of R&B and Soul consists in a deep, controlled vocal delivery, and a very tight rhythm section.

I was blown away by this crystalline, masterfully produced, gorgeously performed piece of R&B creativity. “COCO BROWN” (Remix) is the definition of a timeless, modern classic. It takes all the well-known genre elements, and adds even more by adapting itself to the modern sound and giving Raven Salve’ all the space needed to display her raw talent.

This is a track every R&B fan deserves to hear, pleasing their ears with the spectacular sounds and a voice of an underrated modern day talent. It’s a marvelous recording that deserves a place in the genre pantheon. It’s just dripping with commitment, dedication and powerful sentiments all the way through.

“COCO BROWN” (Remix) is an ode to love in its positive form, that makes every moment feel splendid and special in Raven’s mind. You can just feel all her dedication slipping all through her words, and the way her tone shifts around the tone from sweet and cooing to deep and sensual.

The music goes for a less urban and truer feel of R&B and Soul, creating a gorgeous, ephemeral atmosphere. This incredible brand of R&B, is modern, classic and timeless in the same way. And co-opting that with Raven Salve’ killer pipes, the end result is resonant, distinct and finely produced.



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