$ilv@ – “I$om3tric$”- The hypnotic melody pairs with a piercing beat!

$ilv@ is a Dj and producer, out of Long Island New York. He started a successful career at 18 in Buffalo New York, and then continued in Manhattan, and on Long Island, when he moved back home. Working within various genres and styles of music $ilv@ is currently focusing on a Dubstep project. $ilv@ has also recently become an Amazon influencer, and you can find him on cameo. We just grabbed a listen to his track “I$om3tric$”, and it bangs.

Usually anything you say in a review, no matter whether you believe it or not always ends up sounding cliché, but this track and artist deserves five stars. From start to finish it is an incredible, solid banger, drop it in your player and just zone or rock out. It has a real dirty bass and lots of electro flair. As he has done previously, $ilv@ makes use of the ethereal female vocals, which add an extra dimension of mystery and intrigue to the track.

I particularly like the creative synth use and the modulated bass movement. From the beginning, “I$om3tric$” promises an intensely creative track, and what it delivers is just that — a journey through differing sonic landscapes, from high-octane to introspective, passage is enchanting in its own way. I believe it to be a thing of creative brilliance, as it takes Dubstep slightly off the beaten track.

In the opening, a swirling synth gives way to a bass hanging onto its rich, foreboding tones. The swell of the opening is nothing short of cinematic. The ensuing drop churns with slow, deliberate pace; it quickly reminds us who we are dealing with. This song is a beautiful interplay of electronic and vocal elements.

Clearly a highly technical producer and Dj, $ilv@ once again proves why he is king of his sound, by weaving together elements of his one-of-a-kind synthesized noise, his dabbling in glitch, dubstep, drum & bass, and his love for both random vocalizations in the foreground or background of his tracks. Not to mention the growling, loud ass basslines.

The scale at which $ilv@ employs his massive bass is proportionate to the magnitude of the single itself. The energy $ilv@  injects into this piece sprouts off the speakers, runs through the listener’s body and forms goosebumps on the back of his, or her neck. The outcome is a vibrantly emotional tale, well-calibrated to the liking of fans, both old and new.

The vocal contribution is no less poignant than on previous work, and even more thorough and haunting. Here the delightful vocals collide with empowering synth riffs, resonating as accessible, but creative, none the less. The hypnotic melody pairs with a piercing beat, enhancing the moving chord progressions.

The beat is dynamic and ferocious, yet totally approachable for the faint of ear. On “I$om3tric$”, $ilv@ once again shows us that anything is possible through hard work and an open mind, as he continues to serve bone-rattling low-end musical arrangements, projected from a variety of different angles.

Each $ilv@ release gets a little more shiny and a little more diverse as he spends more time refining his craftsmanship.











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