Park Row pushes the boundaries of Trap on “Horses” and “F-350”

Park Row is an entrepreneur with a passion for music and a path to pursuing his dreams. He is currently riding the airwaves with the tracks “Horses” and “F-350”. Country music has been successfully infiltrating a whole lot of genres in recent times, from EDM to Hip-hop, and the now departed Avicii, to internet sensation Blanco Brown. Park Row brings the genre directly in touch with trap, and it sounds a lot less gimmicky than any other previous music blend. His Texas-infected Country-Trap sounds like a like a serious genre. Exactly who Park Row is, or precisely what he does on these tracks, remains a mystery. Producer, rapper, songwriter, lyricist, or all of those things? We don’t now, as he doesn’t tell. The point, however is, whoever does what, does it damn well!

“Horses” comes out of the tracks on a slow gallop, showing us how Park Row has been cultivating his own area in the music sphere, with his dark and heavy sounds, reminiscent of a fever dream. He clearly possesses a ton of musical talent.  The song cultivates an uplifting vibe that gives the listener an out of this world feeling, as the rapper describes his grind, hustle and determination to be free in his choices. The lyrics are inspirational, and the production is amazing.

With dozens of textures and layering throughout, Park Row’s blended track pushes the boundaries of trap with a banging instrumental, and catchy hooks. This track is not only technically sound, well thought out and well produced, but nothing short of incredible in the vibe stakes with slow and intoxicating grove.

Park Row smoothly switches the beat and subtly changes the tempo, creating a new sound on “F-350”, without sounding unusual or rushed. The acoustic guitar picks its way across the skittering hi-hats, and the thumping bass boom. It’s an exhilarating track, which offers many thrills. Not least, the-winner-takes-it-all styled lyrics.

When listening to an artist like Park Row I think it’s important to make a distinction on what you’re looking for in music. His ear for production and mesmerizing soundscapes is superb. From there his songs are draped in style and hypnotic aesthetics. Considering each song is adeptly tailored to Park Row’s particular style it suggests his artistic vision is focused yet malleable.

The main thing about these tracks is that they’re consistent, both in the quality of the songs and the atmosphere they serve to create. Each song sees you walking further and further into Park Row’s originally themed stylings which are both inspiring and catchy.

On both “Horses” and “F-350”, the artist goes above and beyond his contemporaries in finding new sounds for the genre, while using the elements interestingly and pushing the limits. Park Row’s passion and sense of exploring is definitely present. As pure sound, the recordings are an impressive achievement. Listen to them on good headphones, or on car speakers, and they can sound really great.

The songs can be streamed on SPOTIFY.

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